30 Esther Park, CEO of Cienega capital on impact investing in regen ag and food
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The CEO of Cienega Capital, Esther Park on investing in Regenerative Agriculture.


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This time I had the great pleasure to interview Esther Park, the CEO of Cienega, the investment company of Sallie Calhoun who I interviewed last year (where we discussed among other things, the new vineyard they are building, where most of the management is done by sheep)

Advice for impact investors wanting to get started in the space:

Start with some education, Great place to start: the Soil Health Primer 
Do something, just do 1 thing, make 1 grant, or loan or investment 

To find your first investment you need to build a local community, to get to know the people in your community who are interested in ecological farming. Maybe start at your farmers market, who is producing what, who is building soil?

Esther would like to focus this year more on getting Farmers off color into the conversation as over 90% of farmers are white. And we need more people not fewer people on the land!

Cienaga has about:

  • 20M dollars outstanding in the NoRegrets initiative
  • 28 investment outstanding
  • of which 2 are not performing


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The Regenerative Journey with Charlie Arnott
The Regenerative Journey with Charlie Arnott
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Episode 16 |Dr. Ron Ehrlich | holistic dentist, environmental medicine man and regenerative farming advocate
Dr Ron Ehrlich is far from a conventional dentist. After a 'normal' initial training in dentistry, Dr Ron started to connect the dots between oral hygiene, the influence that diet had on the development of the body, over all human health and the health of the soil in which that food was grown. Charlie explores with Ron his journey into his holistic approach to dental care and how regenerative agriculture plays a critical role in providing the quality of food necessary to promote good health. Dr Ron also dives into the topic of 'environmental medicine' and how we can mitigate against various detrimental impacts of chemicals, toxins and electro magnetic frequency radiation. Dr Rons breadth of knowledge provides a compelling perspective on the importance of the connection between dental, human and environmental health. To start a dialogue and converse more about topics raised in this podcast, please visit The Regenerative Journey Podcast Facebook Group. Episode Takeaways The combination of biology, technology, psychology and freedom drew Ron to dentistry | There’s a huge amount of psychology and intimacy in dentistry | It’s a potentially very stressful environment for both dentist and patient with dentistry related vocations ranking 1,2 and 3 for the worst jobs in the world! | The mouth is connected to multiple organs and areas of the body not generally understood nor considered by the conventional dentistry fraternity | There are many parallels between holistic dentistry and regen agriculture in that it treats the causes not the symptoms, and focus on what one is in control of | Ron’s considered and non- confrontational approach to pushing the boundaries of dentistry has been very effective, reflected of one of his mantra’s ‘Get your house in order before being critical of others’ | Ruminant urine is a beautiful thing as it contains plant growth hormones and stimulates the production of plant based Pseudomonas syringae bacterium that floats up into the atmosphere and helps to seed rain! |Regen farming practices and outcomes are a no brainer for Ron who sits outside the agricultural world however is very connected to it via his patients mouths | 5 human stressors are environmental, emotional, nutritional, postural and dental | Gut, oral and soil biome are similar in that the more diverse these environments are the more healthy and resilient they will be | The resource isn’t the problem it’s the management of that resource that matters, there needs to be a holistic context for its management | Change will not come from government or professional organisations, they are slow to accept new ideas, they are protective of their own egos and reputations and they lack common sense | Environmental medicine is one of Dr Ron’s areas of study and advocacy - Only, approx. 5 % of environmental chemicals are formally tested | We are exposed to multiple chemicals over our lifetimes, 140,000 chemicals currently in the world increasing by 2-3,000 every year. We are also exposed to moulds, dust, and out gassing of chemicals |...and Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation could be to the 21 st century what lead in petrol and tobacco was to 20th century | Sleep is our built-in, non negotiable life support system, 7-9 hours a night. Tips for listeners regarding environmental toxicities * Check for mould dust mites bedding * No technology before or near bed * No electrical currents near bed Computers emit blue light which is in the ultra violet spectrum and impacts our melatonin levels | Building Biologists can help advise on the impacts of EMF in buildings. Links Dr. Ron Ehrlich – holistic health advocate, dentist, educator, podcaster and an internationally published author. Sydney Holistic Dental Centre – run in partnership with his brother Dr. Joshua Ehrlich Nourishing Australia Dr Ron helped found Nourishing Australia with Vicki Poulter, a NFP dedicated to healthy plants, healthy animals, healthy people and a healthy planet The Meter Man - A huge range of innovative farm, agricultural, horticultural meters, probes, instruments, tools and resources from David Von Pein The Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine ( ACNEM) in Victoria is a good place for health care professionals Low Tox Life Podcast – Alexx Stuart . For families and individuals looking for invaluable info.
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Soil Sense
Soil Sense
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Educating the Next Generation with Ag Teacher Whitney Landman
Agriculture teachers are responsible for not only teaching agricultural principles to the youth of today but also for encouraging their experience in agriculture and to promote leadership in whatever field they choose. Whitney Landman joins us from Larimore High School in Larimore, North Dakota. Whitney teaches both junior high and high school classes starting with introductory classes and ranging all the way to ag mechanics and community development. “We always try to start with that intro level and exploring….so that we can bounce up into other concepts as well when they are older.” - Whitney Landman Beyond the classroom, Whitney is also the FFA advisor. Her students are encouraged to participate in career development events and leadership development events. These events promote public speaking, leadership roles, agronomy identification and business management skills. “The mission of agriculture education is to prepare students for successful careers and choices in the global agriculture, food, fiber and natural resource system…..So my goal, and I think a lot of teachers’ goal as they lead the ag ed program, is that our students find a career that they love, whether that's in ag or not.” - Whitney Landman Whitney highlights the importance of hands on experience for her students and the significant impact that can have on her students' interest and concept understanding. She likes to see them “get active with the content” to encourage curiosity and excitement. Support from the NRCS helps her achieve these goals in allowing students to experiment with different soil health protocols including the effects of wind erosion and conventional tillage. She happily uses resources including local farmers to give her students more opportunity to see agriculture in action and learn skills they might not be able to gain otherwise. This Week on Soil Sense: * Meet Whitney Landman, an agricultural education teacher from Larimore High School in Larimore, North Dakota * Learn about the many classes her program offers to its students * Explore what she finds most effective for teaching new concepts to students * Hear about the many collaborations she has engaged in to give her students the most opportunity to learn Connect with Soil Sense: * _Soil Sense Initiative _ Soil Sense Podcast is hosted by _Tim Hammerich_ of the _Future of Agriculture Podcast_.
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Regenerative Agriculture Podcast
Regenerative Agriculture Podcast
John Kempf
Updating Soil Analysis to Consider Microbial Influence with Rick Haney
Rick Haney is a renowned researcher at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the creator of the Haney Soil Analysis, an innovative extraction procedure to assess overall soil health and plant mineral availability. Today, John sits down with Rick to hear his story and discuss a future of agriculture centered around agronomic realities and biological processes. Throughout the episode, John and Rick cover a wide array of topics: * The journey Rick took to discover an improved system for analyzing soil health, eventually leading to the development of his namesake soil assay. * How Rick’s work and an emphasis on data can help growers save an average of $20 per acre in nitrogen applications. * Over-fertilization and what soil respiration says about the fertility of a field. * Rick’s battle with calibrations and the industry’s collective leaps in agronomic understanding since the 60’s. * The work of Dr. Richard Mulvaney, namely the Illinois Soil Test, and how it compares to Haney’s soil nitrogen report. * The shortcomings of mainstream agronomic research and the power of “listening to nature.” * The importance of using water and biological activity as the gauge of soil mineral release rather than acids and extractants to judge soil mineral content. * Why many growers are routinely able to reduce Nitrogen and Phosphorus inputs. * The importance of looking at real yields rather than soil test data as the sign of a well-functioning fertility program. * The power of embracing new developments in ag research and the future of in-field sensors.
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Chris Beat Cancer: Heal With Nutrition & Natural Therapies
Chris Beat Cancer: Heal With Nutrition & Natural Therapies
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Saray Stancic, MD on healing MS, her film Code Blue and her book What's Missing From Medicine
Complete show notes and links here https://www.chrisbeatcancer.com/saray-stancic-md…ng-from-medicine/ "Solutogeneis is the study of health and well being. We (doctors) don't know anything about that. We don't know how to sustain, preserve and maintain health. It's not a healthcare system, it's a sick care system." -Dr. Saray Stancic Saray Stancic M.D. is triple board certified in Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, and Lifestyle Medicine. In 1995, during medical residency and at just 28 years old, Saray was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, with lesions on her brain and spinal cord. After suffering through many years of debilitating drug treatments to manage her progressing disease, she discovered plant-based nutrition, radically changed her diet and lifestyle, and healed! Dr. Stancic is a producer and co-creator of the documentary film; Code Blue: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know Will Shock You, which uncovers the dismal state of medicine today and provides a common sense solution; lifestyle medicine to prevent, treat and manage disease. Code Blue was released on May 26th, 2020 and is available to watch on Amazon and many other streaming platforms. Dr. Saray Stancic is also the author of the upcoming book entitled What’s Missing from Medicine: Six Lifestyle Changes to Overcome Chronic Illness. Dr. Saray Stancic is a brilliant and passionate physician who is changing medicine for the better. Enjoy!
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The Faster Than Normal Podcast: ADD | ADHD | Health
The Faster Than Normal Podcast: ADD | ADHD | Health
Peter Shankman
How to Plant a Garden that Works for You w/ Coach Tony Taylor
Coach Tony has studied Psychology, Clinical Counseling, Ontology, Spirituality, is a certified Gallup Strengths Coach and has a Master’s in Business Administration. He owns several small businesses and is committed to making a difference in the lives of others. Coach Tony believes that transformation is available to anyone that is willing to put in the work. For more information on Coach Tony or to book an appointment or speaking engagement with him, please email him directly at: Tony@CoachTony.life or his website: www.CoachTony.life Today we’re talking about how to plant cabbage- if you happen to like cabbage, his ADHD, how and why he is a happy and successful coach who’s constantly helping others. Enjoy! ***CORONA VIRUS EDITION*** In this episode Peter & Coach Tony Taylor discuss: 1:05- Intro and welcome Coach Tony! 1:40- Tell us about how you got your start, why you love helping other people- what’s your story? 2:55- On how having a faster than normal brain helps, and how it can not help us if we don’t do the work. 4:20- On setting boundaries and sticking to a list/accountability ref: Meditation for Dummies 5:17- How do you meditate when the ADHD does’t shut off? 6:08- Does cardio still work for your ADHD brain? How does mental conditioning work for you? 8:08- On playing the tape forward/setting yourself up for success 8:28- What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve witnessed via coaching during COVID-19? 10:10- On helping to teach people the only thing we can control is how we’re responding to life 10:50- On the concept of “forward motion is thrilling”. Ref: Seth Godin interview on FTN 12:15- On making the best out of the cards your dealt 13:03- How do you align your thoughts with what you’re creating and doing in the world. Ref: Mind Your Garden: The seeds you plant today become the realities of tomorrow (Live YOUR life!) 14:14- If you don’t like cabbage, don’t plant cabbage! 15:20- How can people find you? Website at www.coachtony.life @tonyblisstaylor on: Twitter coach_tonytaylor on INSTA and CoachTonyTaylor on Facebook or via email: tony@coachtony.life 13:30- Thank you Tony! And thank YOU for subscribing, reviewing and listening. Your reviews are working! Even if you’ve reviewed us before, would you please write even a short one for this episode? Each review that you post helps to ensure that word will continue to spread, and that we will all be able to reach & help more people! You can always reach me via peter@shankman.com or @petershankman on all of the socials. You can also find us at @FasterThanNormal on all of the socials. STAY HEALTHY - STAY SAFE - PLEASE WEAR YOUR MASK.. until next time! 16:07- Faster Than Normal Podcast info & credits As always, leave us a comment below and please drop us a review on iTunes and of course, subscribe to the podcast if you haven’t already! As you know, the more reviews we get, the more people we can reach. Help us to show the world that ADHD is a gift, not a curse! Do you know of anyone you think should be on the FTN podcast? Shoot us a note, we’d love to hear! We have a new sister video cast called 20MinutesInLockdown! A video podcast devoted to learning fascinating lessons from interesting humans all around the world, all in 20 minutes or less! 20 Minutes in Lockdown was born in early April of 2020, when we were in fact, in lockdown, and couldn’t do much of anything. Realizing that more than ever, people could benefit from learning from people outside of their comfort zone – people with interesting stories to tell, people with good advice, people with useful ideas that could help improve lives, we started hosting short Facebook video interviews, and we grew from there. (Plus, you can actually see my hair colors change before your very eyes!) Check it out: www.20MinutesInLockdown.com TRANSCRIPT: Hey guys, Peter, Shankman welcome to episode two, zero one, the 201st episode of Faster Than Normal. I'm thrilled to have you here. If you missed episode 200, go check it out. It taught me why we take risks, why I like jumping out of airplanes, and I pretty much knew why I do stupid things sometimes, and I bet you're gonna fit right in and check it out. Episode 201. I can't believe we're at 2-0-1! [editors note: technically this is episode 202, we don’t always air in-sequence]. Our guest today, Tony, you're the first person in the, I guess the two's, but isn't 200. So welcome. Hey, thanks. I'm excited to be here. Got it. Coach Tony, just going by coach Tom coach. Tony has studied psychology clinical counseling, ontology spirituality. He's a certified Gallop strength, strength coach, and has a master's in business administration. You know, in several small businesses, he committed to making a difference in the lives of others. He believed the transformation is available. Anyone willing to put in the work, which when you're ADHD, you don't really have a choice. Welcome to the show. It's good to have you tell us about you. How did you discover that you liked helping other people? How, tell us about your background. How did you start the whole story? Well, you know, coming through, um, a background of adversity, um, single parents, Abandonment from my father, child abuse. I really learned that I had to fight for what I wanted in life. And. I also learned that a life of contribution is the only fulfillment that satisfies me. Um, I created businesses and made money and went after the material realm and it just was empty and meaningless. And when I started coaching and I focused on helping other people achieve the breakthrough of their glass ceiling and getting a life that they love. It became a life that I can't retire from. You know, I say that when I started coaching, uh, six years ago that I officially retired from working because I worked seven days a week. Um, I have a lot of fun things going on and it's all around being a contribution to peace. Awesome. Do you find, I find that that when I help, it just makes for better life. Everything just becomes better when you're health. Well, and I mean, with the faster than normal brain taking the thoughts that I have and not giving them any energy, because I'm focusing on somebody else and what they're up to. It's relaxing. So tell us about, about that. So you coach people. So, so as ADHD and, and, and yourself and the whole thing, and having the festival brain talk about sort of the top, let's go with the top five things. And let's let's let's let's let's look at it from a negative perspective. What are the top five things that people that ESG or neurodiversity continually do to themselves that hurts them, that prevents them from moving forward? Well, I think, um, Addictive addictive behavior and certain addictions can get in the way. Um, I know I can find myself and have found myself in the past trapped in like a vicious circle of doing things that I know are good for me, but I need something to give that adrenaline or that boost to keep going. Um, you talk a lot about, uh, adrenaline junkie, right? Like I think that. Can be a negative, but also I think that is what empowered me to write, illustrate and publish a book in six months. So it's honing in that energy to do what you're up to instead of. I'm letting it get carried away and run yourself over. Um, yeah. Yeah. So I think that's a big thing. Um, I need a lot of boundaries and a schedule to follow, um, and it's not necessarily of listening to my faster than normal brain. It's doing what's on the list. No matter if I feel like doing it or not. Um, and being accountable to yourself and really holding yourself accountable to that schedule, um, has helped me out a ton. I have to get in cardio, um, because I have additional energy and if I don't use it in that kind of realm, um, it will sneak up and get in my way of being productive. Um, I'm a huge fan of meditation. Um, Stephan BoDean has a book meditation for dummies…
17 min
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