127. Applying Warren Buffet Principles to Single-Family Investing at Scale w/Nick & Elaine Stageberg
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Nick and Elaine Stageberg are the founders of Black Swan Real Estate, a family-owned and operated real estate investment company with over 10 years of experience owning and managing a rapidly growing portfolio of homes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Rochester, Minnesota.

Today we discuss scaling a single family rental business, the benefits of vertical integration, building a competitive advantage by focusing on select markets, why it's better to pick up good properties at a fair price rather than the cheapest properties around, why you don't need to graduate to multifamily in order to scale a rental business, tax strategies, and much more.

Learn more about Nick and Elaine and their work: https://www.blackswan.realestate/

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Wealth Labs with Garrett Gunderson
Wealth Labs with Garrett Gunderson
Garrett Gunderson
148. How to Buy Cryptocurrency for Beginners (UPDATED Ultimate Guide) / Ask The Money Nerds
Do you have a financial question you'd like one of our Financial Nerds to answer? Submit your questions at https://askthemoneynerds.com and watch for our response on an upcoming episode! In this episode of Ask the Money Nerds, Garrett, Amanda and a new Money Nerd, Logan talk through how to get started in the crypto space. The idea of using cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in our daily lives is starting to become more commonly discussed across the globe. Is it time for you to consider getting into one of these currencies? And if so, how do you get started? Today, our guest is crypto-expert, Logan Sunday. He gives you the scoop on getting started with crypto and how you can dip your toe into the world of crypto if you are new to the space. *** If you enjoy the podcast, consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes for us. It takes less than 60 seconds, and it really makes a difference. I also love reading the reviews! Check Out Garrett's Books: Killing Sacred Cows - https://amzn.to/2lMbX1i What Would Billionaires Do - https://wlth.co/yt-garretts-billionaire-book Connect with Garrett: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/garrettbgunderson Twitter: https://twitter.com/GBGunderson Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/garrettbgunderson LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/garrett-gunderson-651359b3/ Website: https://wealthfactory.com/
14 min
The Remote Real Estate Investor
The Remote Real Estate Investor
How We’re Using Refi’s and HELOC’s To Grow Our Portfolios
In this episode Tom and Emil share their experience with the Refis an HELOCs they are currently processing. --- Transcripts Michael: Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of The Remote Real Estate Investor. My name is Michael Albaum and today I'm joined by my co hosts, Tom: Tom Schneider Emil: and Emil Shour. Michael: And today we're gonna be talking about loans, how to get them trials and tribulations upon getting them and things you can do to expedite the process along the way. So let's jump into it. Alright guys, so Tom, I'm curious now for a quick update from you, how is your insurance restructuring coming along? Tom: So I had the call with Nick, who is a an academy member and also an insurance broker expert. And I am we had a great call, and I'm sending him my current policies right now. hopefully get that done today. And then he's going to come back with game planning some options. So it's making progress, albeit not at work speed, but I'm ahead of where I was when we recorded our last episode on my 2020 failings. So making progress. Michael: Okay, good to hear. I will follow up with you on the next episode and see where you're at next. Tom: Love this. Thanks. Thanks for being my accountability buddy, Michael, Michael: That's what I do. That's what I do. Is he looking at every single one of your policies, or just only a handful? Tom: He's looking at a handful of them. He's looking at like six of them. So well, I don't know. We'll take a look. I'll keep you updated. Michael: All right, guys, I know that we are all in the midst of some form of loan product. And so we're going to be talking about some of the different products that are out there some of different products that we've utilized in the past, but a meal, I want to start with you since I know that you're in the midst of a cash out refinance, which is something that a lot of investors utilize along the way. So can you walk us back to why you wanted to get this? What was the kind of point and then what the results have been thus far, and what kind of ping us some questions along the way? Tom: And you're a good person to go first, because you held us up and recording because you had some stuff to do while we were waiting on the line for you related to your refi. Michael: So we're gonna blast you at the hotseat. Emil: Yeah, that's right, this is very pertinent, because they basically just asked me for my firstborn child so we can get into it. Alright, so this is the second property ever bought property in Indianapolis, we bought it for 115,000, back in 2017. And right now, with interest rates being so low and inventory being so low and prices going up a bunch because people are owner occupants are driving prices up, because everyone wants to get in a home. Now, the value of this property grew, I thought to about 140,000, or 150,000. So my plan was I could probably cash out our original investment down payment, closing costs, all that stuff was around 25 K. And I figured if values have risen to 140, 150K, I can probably pull out around 20,000 bucks, and it won't change my payment every month all that much. Because when I got the property, it was a 4.6% rate. And now at the refi, it's going to be a 3.1. So point and a half drop will offset a lot of what would be, you know, if I cashed out at the same rate, I'd be paying a lot more each month. But with that one and a half percent rate drop, my cash flow doesn't really change, my monthly payment goes up like 15 bucks or something 10, 15 bucks, and I get to pull this cash out. So we got the appraisal back last week. And to our great surprise, usually the painful surprise, this was a good surprise, it appraised for 157,000. So we're actually gonna be able to pull out our entire original investment of 25,000 bucks. So we'll be in this property for $0. And our monthly payment i think is going to go up like 25, 30 bucks in total. Tom: You know what, I think that is Emil. I think that's cool. You wanna know why I think it's cool? Emil: Why? Tom: BRRRRRRR BRRRR It's actually not like a traditional verb I cut he basically like effectively kind of did a burger, just being able to take all your cash out with the refinances. So it's not a full BRRRR. It's like a BRRR. Like you just Yeah, well, you probably didn't do a big renovation. Emil: I didn't know renovation, I was texting Michael, we were chatting on slack. And I coined a new phrase for this. It's called burger. And so what that stands for big GRP. So one is by the first key is get lucky and have the Fed drop rates. The second key is get more luck with low inventory and high demand. So prices go up. Yeah, the R is refi. And then the P is this probably won't repeat, we probably won't be able to do this lucky sequence of events because we just got lucky we didn't do anything we didn't we didn't force value and force appreciation we didn’t do anything special. It's just a nice sequence of events that sometimes when you're in the game, and the environment changes, you can take advantage of that. That's all happened here. Tom: BGRP. So that's sticky. I like that. Emil: Very, very sticky. It doesn't quite roll off the tongue. Michael: Rolls off the tongue so nicely. Fluid, you know, BGRP. So I have to ask though, I mean, I mean, it's we always joke on the show that you're a pessimistic person and I'm an optimist. Do you think that you made your own luck? Or do you really think this was just dumb luck? You threw darts at a board ended up in Indianapolis ended up with a, you know a great property? Or do you want to give yourself a little bit of credit and say, yeah, you know what I did some research, I did some legwork. This was a very calculated decision, Emil: I would say more luck than anything else, I'm not going to pretend like I saw this coming. And that's just me being really honest, I think you can often delude yourself into saying, Oh, I did all this research and blah, blah, blah. And sometimes, you know, maybe when Detroit or Cleveland in the past, you know, in 2008, when they had meteoric falls, I'm sure there were tons of people who were looking in those markets and saying, I bet Detroit or Cleveland could be on pace for great things, and then unpredictable things happen. I know, we all like to give ourselves a lot of credit and stuff. But I think a lot of stuff comes down to luck in my eyes. Tom: Yeah, I think that's true. But you also like need to be at the table to like to be lucky like that. Exactly. Like, if you're not if you're not gonna.. Emil: You need to be in the game playing in the game. Tom: That's right. So circling back on the finance aspect of this, this is something that I think about when I refinance, especially when I refinance pretty quickly from the original origination of the loan. So your example, so you said you bought in 2019, or 2018? Emil: 2017 Tom: * So you've made a bunch of loan payments, or a better way to put it as your renter has helped you make a bunch of loan payments. And with it being an amortized loan, the majority of those loan payments aren't cutting into the principal at all. It's just you're just basically, you know, paying that interest piece, I love to hear your guys's thoughts like in refinancing so quickly, it's like, you know, you don't bring the total loan basis down that much, just because those initial payments, so much of it is interest heavy, do you think that makes it like a better time to refinance versus just because you no longer into your mortgage, the more you're going to be able to cut into that hang down that principle total. And I'm just digging a little bit in the conversation and thinking about, I mean, I think we all like the concept of refinancing. But to play devil's advocate, so when you when you're refinancing, you're basically going back to square one, if you're doing another 30 year amortized loan, where you're only paying off interest for you know, are primar…
31 min
Real Estate & Financial Independence Podcast
Real Estate & Financial Independence Podcast
Chad Coach Carson
#149 - Under Contract How a New Investor Found Tied Up His First Deal
Episode #149 - A new investor named Scott Palmer just got his first rental property under contract! This is his 3rd coaching call with Chad where you get to look over Coach's shoulders and listen to their discussion about how Scott found, analyzed, and put this deal under contract. You'll also learn some of Scott's concerns about the next steps with due diligence, financing, and closing and Chad's feedback to help him. Free Webinar with Coach "My 5-Step Process to Confidently Close on Investment Properties" - http://coachcarson.com/webinar Show notes: https://www.coachcarson.com/ep149-under-contract/ 🏘️REAL ESTATE IN YOUR RETIREMENT ACCOUNT? This is a strategy I've used successfully for years, but you've got to make sure you have a custodian that specializes in this type of investment. I personally use and highly recommend my friends at American IRA. You can watch a short video, get an information guide, or set-up a free consultation at https://coachcarson.com/americanIRA __________ 🎧SUBSCRIBE to the podcast for more episodes about how to achieve financial independence and do what matters using real estate investing! https://coachcarson.com/podcast ---------------- ▶️WATCH my YouTube channel - Coach Carson TV - for tutorials, tips, strategies, and interviews https://www.youtube.com/user/CoachChadCarson?sub_confirmation=1 ---------------- 📋 GET MY FREE REAL ESTATE INVESTOR TOOLKIT https://coachcarson.com/reitoolkit ---------------- FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM 📸 https://www.instagram.com/coachcarson1/ ---------------- READ MY BOOK ON RETIRING EARLY 📚 https://www.coachcarson.com/retirementbook ---------------- 👋👋 SAY HI ON SOCIAL https://www.facebook.com/coachchadcarson/ https://twitter.com/CoachChadCarson
42 min
Real Estate Coaching Radio
Real Estate Coaching Radio
Real Estate Coaching Radio
Podcast: Zillow Takes The Gloves Off, Stunning Industry (Are You Prepared?) | Tim and Julie Harris
Is Zillow your friend or foe? Still confused and not sure if you should 'partner' with Zillow? Today's headlines from Inman should help clarify their intentions...Inman Reports: '.... buyer's agents being advertised as 'personal guides' and the site defaulting to agent listings over others'. Translation, Zillow is making it clear what their intentions are for buyers agents and the buyer agent 'commission entitlement' the sellers have traditionally paid. Add to this the fact that Zillow has been testing the market for how little they can co-op on the buyer side. How can you partner with a competitor who intends on replacing you..or at the very least ending your way of doing business? In today's podcast Tim and Julie Harris drill down on what Zillow is actually doing now (and other ibuyer based brokerages) and exactly how this will impact you. Zillow (and others) are perhaps closer than many in the real estate industry believe to totally changing consumer expectations. Consumers may soon assume that your brokerage will offer an option similar to Zillow Offers. What will you do when your local sellers see your listing services as obsolete because Zillow offers what they perceive to be a more end to end solution? And remember, if you haven't completed your 2021 Real Estate Business and Life plan you solution is a text away. Simply text 2021 to 855-685-1045. As always thank you for continuing to make Tim and Julie Harris’ podcast the number one listened to daily podcast for real estate professionals with over 10 million downloads real estate coaching radio is the must listen to daily show for anyone serious about the real estate career. Schedule A Free Coaching CallListen on iTunesListen o
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