The Lonely Palette
BonusEp. 0.3 - Tamar Avishai interview with Artists of Camberville
Aug 9, 2019 · 33 min
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On July 29, 2019 (the day after the birth of my son!), host and producer Danielle Monroe posted this interview we had recorded the week before for her podcast "Artists of Camberville." This was one of best conversations I've ever had about the origins of "The Lonely Palette" and the trials and tribulations of art-viewing, meaning-making, script-writing, audio podcasting about the visual, and, like, a little bit about The Bachelorette. Enjoy! 00:10: Introduction. 00:41: Laying the groundwork for starting "The Lonely Palette". 4:18: Clip from "Episode 24: Meditations on Mark Rothko". 6:12: Permission to slow down in front of a work of art. What is the best way to be present in an art museum? Both amateurs and experts have a hard time with this. 9:12: Is allowing for any reaction to an artwork “uneducated”? Exploring songwriting and meaning-making with a little help from Dar Williams and Mark Rothko. 14:30: As a podcaster, the difference between thinking like a radio producer and thinking like an art historian. 18:51: The desired takeaway from "The Lonely Palette"? Art history makes for a damn good story. Not scary stuff, just human stuff. 21:08: Can you do a museum wrong? Or maybe just…unpleasantly? 22:26: The weekend course that launched a podcast that people actually want to be on! 24:39: What would I do differently if I had to do it all again? How the depth of the episode scripts has evolved. 27:57: The Hub & Spoke garage story: attempting success due to the appearance of success. 31:44: Wrapping up, and fortunately (?) not going into labor on mic. Original episode post: Listen to "Artists of Camberville" wherever you get your podcasts, and please do leave a rating and a review! Support "The Lonely Palette" and keep the kiddo in fresh diapers:
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