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#189: Monica Bruenn, PhD - How to save yourself from junk science.
Jun 14, 2018 · 1 hr 3 min
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In this episode you will learn:

   • Why Monica Bruenn created created a horse rescue
   • Monica’s own lyme journey from patient to practitioner
   • The best way to tell if a scientific study is junk or not

Monica Bruenn

helps people and animals improve their quality of life with an integrated approach to wellness that uses her background in Clinical Research, Mathematical Statistics, Herbalist, a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, a Hashimoto's Practitioner, a HeartMath Practitioner and a Holistic Lifestyle Coach.

She says on her website ‘was able to get my life back (from Lyme disease) when I began to trust myself and my body's ability to heal itself using a holistic approach’ and now brings that approach to her practice.
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