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#178: Lyn Delmastro Thompson - BodyTalk Therapy for Lyme Disease
Mar 29, 2018 · 53 min
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In this episode you will learn:

   • What bodytalk is and how what it can help
   • How Lyn helps her patients get in touch with what their bodies need
   • And a practical how to for starting a conversation with your body

 Lyn discovered she was chronically ill in 2004, when she had to cancel a surgery because something was wrong with her blood work. In the years that followed she pursued alternative methods to regain her health, and had mixed success. She found BodyTalk through a friend, and when she found it drastically reduced the persistent pain she had been experiencing  - she wanted to learn more about it.

Lyn now works as a certified BodyTalk practitioner at her Heart Fire Healing practice in Portland, where she helps people with anxiety, stress, illness and pain.
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