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#159: Susan Luschas, PhD - Clearing Parasitic Co-Infections with Enemas
Nov 7, 2017 · 41 min
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In this episode you will learn: • Why the first step to healing was changing her diet • Why treating for parasites was key in regaining health • How spirituality helped keep her and her kids grounded while they were sick Susan Luschas, PhD, is an MIT-trained scientist and engineer. Her eldest daughter was bitten by a tick. They went to a doctor, who told them because it had been imbedded for less that 24 hours she didn’t have lyme disease. She tried helping her daughter heal from her disparate symptoms of gastrointestinal (GI) issues, autism, methylation, heavy metal toxicity. They finally got a lyme disease diagnosis when her daughter was six. Then her family and home got infested with lice, and then her entire family got sick with lyme. She started researching and taking control of her families health and now she and her entire family are in radiant health. In 2016 she took the knowledge she had to help her family achieve wellness and published it on her website
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