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#151: Girl Scout Troop 1971 - Raising Quail to Combat Spread of Ticks
Sep 14, 2017 · 37 min
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In this Episode you will Learn:

 • What inspired the "Quail Scouts"
 • How communities are rallying around Lyme disease awareness
 • Why quail are a great solution to combat tick population

Violet, Piper and Jennifer are all in 7th grade, and are girl scout troops on Long Island. Piper and Violet have been in the Girl Scouts since Kindergarten, and Jennifer joined in 6th grade.

They noticed the large amount of Lyme Disease cases in their community, among adults, relatives, and school aged kids, and decided as part of their Cadet Silver Star Project to raise Quail chicks to release in their area to combat the tick population in their area. They are set to release the Quails at the end of September.
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