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#112: Lisa Todd - Strategies for Raising Awareness of Lyme Disease
Nov 14, 2016 · 54 min
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In this episode you will learn:
   • How Lisa promotes lyme disease awareness
   • Lyme Light Vigil - Dallas, Texas
   • What you can do to promote lyme disease awareness in your area

Seven years ago Lisa pulled what looked like a tick from the back of her head, she went to her doctor to check for lyme disease, who laughed and told her not to worry. over the next seven years she experienced numerous weird symptoms and went from doctor to doctor who diagnosed her with various chronic diseases.

Finally connected her symptoms to lyme disease when she got in touch with a friend who had it, and she did more research into the symptoms. Her first test came back negative, but then she she was able to get a positive diagnosis with an Igenex test. Today Lisa is an advocate for Lyme disease awareness in Texas.
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