Ep 85: Collaging and Calendula
May 6, 2020 · 1 hr 4 min
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Ep 85:
Money is back with a new episode and new suggestions for navigating feeling crestfallen. Money talks collaging; shares 5 QTPOC efforts you should support; and reads a letter from a community contributor who needs help getting rid of a dildo.

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QueerWOC of the Week: 00:06:53
Alice Wu, producer, writer and director of “The Half of It”. @ThatAliceWu
Not every love story is a romance. The Half of It. The film follows Chinese high schooler, Ellie Chu, who lives in the fictional white town of Squahamish with her father. She chooses to help a boy win her crush, local hottie Aster Flores, and teen hearts get broken—a classic teenage rom-com, but with a queer twist.
 “If you dont have the word for something, how could you think that you are that thing?”
The Half of It has been nominated for the Gotham Independent Film Award for Breakthrough Director, and at 50 years young this is also a huzzah that our wildest queer dreams can come true at any age!
Her signoff - Go queer nerdy asians!
More on Alice: https://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2020/05/01/848853718/what-alice-wu-wants-to-say-in-the-half-of-it

Community Contributors: 00:17:00
Shoutout to everyone who tuned in to hear me read erotica on IG live with @CreeIsAlesbian
Shoutout to the patrons who upped their pledges Christine and Martina upped her pledge (thank you!!!)
On the cashapp: Tanya, Bernadette, Tea the muse, Khiry, Ernestine, Sherri, Sami
Borders are Fake Shout outs: Wahiawa, HI; West Jordan, Utah; & Lompoc, CA

Mental Moment with Money 00:22:44
Collaging to Cure the Crestfallen
We been collaging!
Emotional Release
Intuitive collaging - you dont have to finish in one sitting!
No artistic skill required!
Bypasses censoring mind
 “Freedom is not a secret, it is a practice” - APG
What better way of imagining a new world than taking the beauty of the current one and creating something entirely new!

Word 00:38:10
No word this episode, yall. Sorry!

Topic: 00:38:42
If you have it, here are some QPOC suggestions to donate to

For The Gworls: We raise money to assist w/ Black trans folks’ rent & affirmative surgeries | Venmo @ForTheGworlsParty

@1977books: Worker owned feminist bookstore in AL

MPJ Insititute: defend and protect the human rights of transgender and gender non conforming communities |  https://marshap.org/donate/

@Blacklesbianrchives: The archives for lesbians to educate, build, and preserve our culture (also how I found out about Cree!)


Curved Chronicle: 00:47:48
Letter from Calendula
What to do with that strap you dont want? Do you throw away a perfectly good strap just because it was a gift from my ex girlfriend’s crush? Any bright ideas?
Send us your curved chronicles to QueerWOCpod@gmail.com
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