Jul 27, 2017
BONUS: Paris is Burning Sands pt 2 [w/ @ZoraKnows]
1 hr 14 min
Money is joined by the homie Zora to discuss our experiences as out gay members of our historically Black sororities. We cover everything from why we joined to what we would say to Phylicia Rashad about being a lesbian!

Find Zora: Twitter| @ZoraKnows
Find Money:  Twitter & IG| @MelanatedMoney

Use #QueerWOC to keep the conversation going.
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The Democratic Divide
Lindsey Boylan is a public servant, a former government official, and mom to her 6-year-old daughter. Lindsey most recently ran for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives, in New York's 10th district in the 2020 elections. Lindsey previously served as Deputy Secretary for Economic Development and Housing, as well as Special Advisor to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. Her portfolio of oversight included Empire State Development (ESD), the state’s chief economic development agency, for which she previously served as Chief of Staff and Executive Vice President. During her time in government, Lindsey secured hundreds of millions of dollars for underfunded public housing, led the state's efforts to provide assistance for the people of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, and pushed to enact a $15 minimum wage and Paid Family Leave for New Yorkers. She received her degree from Wellesley and an MBA from Columbia. Lindsey is currently a full-time democratic candidate running for Manhattan Borough President. Her platform includes solutions for issues regarding the extreme inequality her borough is facing, a bold plan to increase affordable housing, and support for expanded open spaces to make Manhattan more secure, vibrant, and livable. Check out https://lindseyfornewyork.com to learn more! Tremaine S. Wright is an attorney, entrepreneur, small business owner and activist who is a second-generation Bedford Stuyvesant resident invested in preserving the rich legacy of her community and building a strong foundation for the future. Tremaine was elected to the New York State Assembly on November 8, 2016. She serves the 56th Assembly District of Brooklyn, NY which represents the Bedford-Stuyvesant and Northern Crown Heights neighborhoods. She is Chair of New York State Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic & Asian Legislative Caucus and Chair of the Assembly Subcommittee on Foster Care. She is a graduate of Duke University and the University of Chicago Law School. She has practiced law at Brooklyn Legal Services and private law firms. While working as an attorney at major law firms, Tremaine served as a pro bono lawyer for the Volunteers of Legal Services’ Incarcerated Mothers Project. Through this project, Tremaine advised mothers regarding their parental rights to protect their families. As a volunteer with the City Bar Association’s Neighborhood Entrepreneur Law Project (NELP), Tremaine assisted small business owners and organized the Tompkins Avenue Merchants Association (TAMA). Tremaine also owned and operated Common Grounds: a Neighborhood Coffee House from March 2006 to September 2015. Tremaine realized that her neighborhood lacked an adequate number of eateries and gathering places. Her vision for that space gave birth to Common Grounds A Neighborhood Coffee House with an innovative prize winning business plan lauded by the Brooklyn Public Library. She set out to create a place that would answer that need as well as foster community, provide economic opportunity and enhance commercial activity. Common Grounds did it – it employed local talent, provided stability on a block that was riddled with illicit commerce and provided a place for various segments of our community to intersect and connect. The greatest success of Common Grounds is the impact it has had on the lives of the people who came through its doors in need, and departed full and encouraged. Common Grounds created tangible change in individuals, as well as in community economics. As a Safe Space, Common Grounds was widely recognized as a partner in community empowerment and social justice. As the former Chairwoman of Community Board 3, Tremaine fostered longstanding relationships with past and current elected officials, community leaders and a cross section of local residents committed to improving Central Brooklyn. She has served on CB3 for 13 years and previously held positions as the Executive Secretary, Treasurer and Budget Coordinator. Tremaine still lives on the same block where her grandparents raised their family. She has dedicated her career to empowering and creating opportunities for her neighbors and her community. C. Zawadi Morris is an award-winning journalist and a Chicago native who moved to Brooklyn in 1997. Ms. Morris holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration (and a minor in Spanish) from the University of Illinois and a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University. She has worked as the communications director for Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez (NY-12), a senior account executive for Shandwick Public Affairs and Cohn & Wolf Public Relations, and an editor of Bed-Stuy Patch. In 2013, Ms. Morris launched The Brooklyn Reader, an online news source covering the neighborhoods of Central Brooklyn, and in 2020, she launched its non-profit sister site Scriibe.org, a collaborative news source for investigative local journalism. Ms. Morris is also the executive producer of The COVID-19 Writers Project. Always hosted by Marina Franklin - One Hour Comedy Special: Single Black Female ( Amazon Prime, CW Network), Trainwreck, Louie Season V, The Jim Gaffigan Show, Conan O'Brien, Stephen Colbert, HBO's Crashing, and The Breaks with Michelle Wolf
2 hr 4 min
Polyamory Weekly
Polyamory Weekly
587 Love in the time of coronavirus
How do we practice poly responsibly during a pandemic? Is it OK to move my metamour in with me rather than not see her for the duration of enforced social isolation? 0:00 Introduction and host chat * If you’re under 18, visit scarleteen.com * Found a new poly podcast, Pod Pod Cvlt Cast, with 34 long episodes! * We’ve got a new puppy to keep us company during #stayathome! 3:00 Poly in the news * Elisabeth Sheff’s four-part series on monogamy in Psychology Today: CNM is not a good choice as a method to fix a relationship that is broken, Four tips for heteroflexible couples who are considering opening their relationships, Three reasons why consensual non-monogamy will not work for people who are monogamous, and her latest, Monogamy by Orientation. * Alan’s Friday Poly in the news roundup, covering primarily the coronavirus pandemic. * How coronavirus is impacting polyamorous relationships * How a polyamory expert is dating during the coronavirus pandemic * What it’s like to isolate with your girlfriend and her other boyfriend * Is it irresponsible to date around during a pandemic * Minx’s advice * Use Zoom or Amazon Chime to host a virtual dance party or cocktail hour to stay connected * Use your webcam to see facial expressions * Try watching movies “together” over Zoom. Or send dinner to them and Zoom each other to chat during! 10:45 Contact us Questions? Comments? Feedback? Email polyweekly@gmail.com and attach an audio comment or call the listener comment line at 802-505-POLY. If you want us to teach a class at your event, want us to coach you, or want to appear on the podcast, email lustyguy@polyweekly.com. 11:25 Topic: should we move my metamour in with us while we socially isolate? If you’re considering cohabitation that you wouldn’t have considered due to coronavirus social isolation requirements, some advice: * As always, make sure your existing relationships are relatively healthy first. * Ask everyone involved what they need to be happy and healthy in a communal space. Consider personal space, alone time, sexual, and physical needs. * Discuss how finances will work in terms of rent, groceries, and other bills. * Discuss expectations for chores and other responsibilities. * Ask your kids how they feel about your metamour moving in. * Have the pets been introduced? Is there a danger that they might attack each other? * Set up regular check-ins after the move-in. These provide opportunities to bring up what it working well, what isn’t, to express gratitude and appreciations, and to bring up issues before they become bigger. * Take a break from news coverage if it increases anxiety or feelings of depression. 17:00 Join the conversation To join the online conversation around this and other episodes, follow us on Twitter or Facebook. We love when you review us on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcatcher (including Spotify!) and when you share us with your friends directly. 17: 05 Feedback * S from the Boston area calls in to share a personal neologism, “schmeeling.” * Phenom calls in to ask how to get her partner to date more and make sure everything is OK. She keeps encouraging him to date, but he’s not getting out as much as her. * There is no issue here except that maybe you feel guilty. Deal with your own guilt and stop pressuring him to date! 24:45 Pervy bird throuple Oops! Accidentally skipped this one: Perverted Illinois bald eagle threesome threatens sanctity of marriage. What’s next, hawk orgies? 26:00 Happy poly moment Finding unexpected commonalities with your metamour! 28:45 Thank you to our subscribers and contributors Thanks to all our PW Playmates! Also to Pacemaker Jane for letting us use their song Good Suspicions as our intro and outro music and to you for listening and sharing.
30 min
Dyking Out - a Lesbian and LGBTQIA Podcast for Everyone!
Dyking Out - a Lesbian and LGBTQIA Podcast for Everyone!
Dyking Out - a Lesbian and LGBTQ Podcast for Everyone!
But I'm A Cheerleader w/ Jamie Babbit - Ep. 160
This episode is a Dyke dream come true because we get to spend an hour talking to DYKON Jamie Babbit about one of the most iconic gay films of all time just before it's big re-release! But I'm A Cheerleader is truly the gift that keeps on giving, and we get to hear from Jamie how it all came together, what it's like to look back on it, and what has changed since its 1999 release. We ask all our burning questions about Natasha Lyonne and Clea Duvall, and the answers do not disappoint. Look our for the director's cut this December 8 with added scenes and all sorts of fun extras. Plus, we tease our take on Happiest Season, Melody reveals she's a marketing mastermind, and Carolyn officially becomes a homeowner/homo-owner. Be sure to keep an eye out on our Patreon this week for the comprehensive Happiest Season review with past guest Erica Rose. And finally, we wrap it up with a question from a sexually frustrated listener. -Get extra content, Ad Free episodes, support the pod, and get to know other listeners by joining our Patreon community. We use the money for equipment, studio rentals, editing, mixing, travel for live shows (when those are a thing again), and more! If you can't support the pod on a monthly basis, please consider tipping us through Paypal or purchasing 1-on-1s and cameos through Jemi. We truly appreciate it! -We've got HOLIGAY MERCH. -For related content, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram -Help more dykes find us and Leave Us a 5-star Review if you like what you hear! -Have a question that you need answered ASAP? Check us out on WISIO. -Like our theme song by There Is No Mountain? Subscribe to our composer/mixer's youtube channel for more beats and mixes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
1 hr 38 min
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