Ep. 1003 - The Upper Classes are Asses
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The information crisis is a crisis of elitism.

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Mark Levin Podcast
Mark Levin Podcast
Westwood One Podcast Network
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/20/21
On Wednesday's Mark Show, unlike Trump's 2017 inauguration, today’s didn’t have any riots and other antagonists. The peaceful transition of power was focused on unity. In particular, unity around self-hate, open borders, and the re-writing of our history. The new administration is unified around tax-payer funded abortion-on-demand, appeasement toward foreign enemies like the Palestinian Authority, Iran, and the communist Chinese. The left seems to be united around instituting the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force (manifesto). Biden isn't about unity, he's about conformity and making those that object persona non grata in society.  Then, for the sake of unity, did Biden ask for his party to stop the malicious impeachment of the 45th President? Did he ask that his former Senate colleagues not seek to eliminate the filibuster rule? In the name of unity did Biden ask the people and Congress to respect the independence of the Supreme Court and to avoid packing it? Of course not. it's about conformity, not unity. Later, this is the third term of Barack Obama and the democrats never want Trump to get in their way again. The left has embraced RINO's like Mitt Romney and corporatists like Mitch McConnell, who is at war with constitutional conservatism. Media personalities are comparing Biden's speech to Abraham Lincoln's, yet they trashed Trump as Hitler. Lincoln, however, delivered what many consider to be one of the best speeches by a statesman, ever. In one of Biden's first acts as president, he's added a bust of produce-workers activist Cesar Chavez who called illegal immigrants "wetbacks." Afterward, Washington Post, The Chicago Sun-Times, and other media outlets continue misrepresenting the facts as they editorialize and pass off their lies for objective journalism. This is how the left operates, to attack, libel, and silence their critics. It's a shameful disgrace. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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The Rush Limbaugh Show
The Rush Limbaugh Show
Premiere Networks
The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Jan 21 2021
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Hundreds dead so far today from COVID-19 due to President Biden's mishandling of the virus. Biden will use same tactic Obama used when he took over: "It's worse than we thought." Trump fixed the American decline that the Obama administration managed. First suicide bombing in Iraq in two years. Antifa riots after Biden inauguration. Biden orders mask mandate on federal property, then failed to wear one at Lincoln Memorial. Antifa attacks Democrat Party HQ in Portland. Biden called Antifa an "idea" in debate with Trump. Katie Hopkins on the contrived inauguration with nobody there. Tho Bishop on the Washington Establishment's fear of 50 million voters who think the election was fraudulent. CNN: Virus numbers suddenly improving in 43 states. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Sickeningly sweet Biden/Harris headlines you knew were coming from fawning media. CNN's John King reports good news for Joe Biden: Virus numbers suddenly improving in 43 states. The Democrats' meaning of unity is the communist version: forced compliance. Rush reads Biden's speech, short vapid sentences meaning little. Not the greatest speech anyone ever heard. George W. Bush told James Clyburn he was the "savior" because he endorsed Biden and Biden is the only Democrat who could've beaten Trump. Bush never fought back when he was president. Many Trump supporters thought something would happen to keep Trump in office. Former Obama speechwriter: Radicalization of GOP base will continue as long as Fox News and Rush Limbaugh exist. Two callers use Nazi comparisons to describe Democrat election theft, crackdown on rights. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Rush on treatment update: He's rounded second and can see third base, but it would be a major theft. Antifa riots in Portland. Biden team: Trump didn't leave vaccine program. Headlines from Trump's inauguration were over-the-top negative. Clyburn on what Bush said about Trump's inaugural address. Former liberal was converted by this show because it's compelling. Biden restarts Obama-era taxpayer funded slush fund to left-wing groups. Mind-boggling GOP fundraising emails ask for money to stop Biden. We had the guy, his name was Trump! Joel Pollak on Trump and the GOP. Why are you a Republican? Trump's parting speech more watched online than Biden speeches? Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com
1 hr 57 min
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