The Returned
1 hr 49 min
We talk about Returned, Returned healing, memory, perception, new God Kings, Vo, and the Royal Locks. Oh and Austrism. And... health insurance. Vroom vroom. No Rhythm of War spoilers, but Warbreaker and cosmere spoilers.

We have Eric (Chaos), Evgeni (Argent), Grace (thegatorgirl), and Ben (Overlord Jebus).

This is our second to last episode before Rhythm of War's release. Our last one will be Dawnshard, which ideally will be out so we can keep up our biweekly cadence, but we will see! Then weekly podcasts return on the week of the 17th for a few months!

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A MESSAGE FROM THE TREKSPERTS: Please note this episode was recorded remotely via Zoom and as such the sound quality may not be up to the usual high standards of the podcast recorded in the studio. We hope the content will make up for any deficiencies in the audio. Meanwhile, we ask all our listeners to please listen to the experts, trust science, self isolate, quarantine, stay safe, stay home... and Keep on Trekkin' #LLAP  THIS EPISODE, THIS EPISODE: The Treksperts are blasted out of Earth orbit as they look back at the incredible legacy of SPACE: 1999 and the oversized influence of STAR TREK on this unjustly maligned series. To help moon over Space: 1999 are author JOHN KENNETH MUIR (Exploring Space: 1999) and Space: 1999 super fan and pop culture commentator ROBERT MEYER BURNETT (The Burnettwork). This week it's Trek Vs. Space: 1999 and 'dis battle is to the death.  Follow us on Twitter at @inglorioustrek, Instagram at @inglorioustreksperts and on Facebook at Electric Surge. Now you can watch INGLORIOUS TREKSPERTS and all your favorite Electric Surge video podcasts On Demand by downloading the free ELECTRIC NOW app in your favorite app store for IOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku and more. Watch your favorite episodes today along with the best film and television from the Electric library.  The Fifty-Yeear Mission, the bestselling oral history of Star Trek, by Mark A. Altman & Edward Gross, is now available in paperback as well as hardcover, digital and audio from St. Martin's Press.   #StarTrek #TOS #TNG #DS9 #Voy #ENT #Disco #Picard #LLAP #StarTrekVoyager #TOS #Enterprise #TAS @50yearmission #space1999 #1999 #moonbasealpha
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