Getting Started on Clubhouse with Johnny Beirne| Episode 23
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When you get concussion and are out of the game for a few months, the last thing you expect is a new social audio platform! 

However, that's exactly what happened! True fact. :-) So our guest today is Mr Johnny Beirne and he's talking to us all about Clubhouse. This new audio only, invite only, Apple only platform. 

If you have dipped your toe into or haven't an iota about where to start, then this, my friend, is a podcast made for you all about Clubhouse. 

We talk about getting started, security issues, getting on stage, Clubhouse etiquette, rooms, clubs and of course..the elephant in the it a shiny object? 

(You'll love when we talk about that, if you are results-based). 

Think of Clubhouse as a where you get to put your earphones in to listen to great content and one where you just have to unmute yourself and talk. Simples! 

And if you liked this interview, then I have one Ask....

My ask of you – share it with others who don't have a clue about Clubhouse! 

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Clubhouse - @johnnybeirne

Get his free book 'Say It Once, Sell It Often' Book on the home page of his website.  

Then come over and chat with me...on social. I'd love to hear from you. Here's where you'll find me:

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