How to market a podcast (without resorting to using Fiverr!) | Fireside chat | Neal's recording software gripes | Pete's recording advice
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This is the episode of 'Follow, Review and Share' that you need to listen to if you want to know how to market your podcast!


It's another (to quote Pete - 'tricky') episode of the brand new podcasty podcast from Neal Veglio of Podknows Podcasting and Pete Allen from Carrotcruncher Media that's brought to you by the brilliant Libsyn! - they're the world's finest podcast hosting company.

We discuss:

(2m47s) How to market a podcast using some best practices from real marketing experts! First up, it's Anna and Anita from 'Get Savvy Club'! They share with us how they get listeners to their own podcast "Marketing Made Easy". There's a special 'shout out' to Denise Duffield-Thomas. Hi Denise! (Waving at you!)

(25m37s) Podcasting news featuring this article from "The Verge" and this article from the Guardian. Oh, and some product shiz from James Bishop from One Fine Play.

(28m30s) Neal opens up about why the previous first ever episode of "Follow, Review and Share" made him sad when he listened back. Clue: it was a really technical one. Also, Neal and Pete discuss options for recording your content, with Zencastr, Riverside and Zoom compared. Pete offers some golden advice on how you can get avoid relying on ANY of them.

(36m46s) More podcast marketing chat with Dan Knowlton of Knowlton. Featuring insights on how to market a podcast, using Dan's experience with marketing their team's own marketing podcast, "Business Anchors".

(1h06m) Global community correspondent Stephanie Fuccio talks to Neal about how we as podcasters can do more to broader our listener appeal. There's a discussion around how to add subtitles really cheaply that will definitely appeal to some trying to crack the accessibility challenge.

(1h13m09s) Podcast Movement's big Fireside Chat App and Libsyn partnership announcement. Neal and Pete share thoughts on what this could mean for podcasters and social audio lovers moving forward. For the record, we're talking about this Fireside and not this Fireside. Although we're sure both are excellent offerings. (Awkward!)

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Hosted by Neal Veglio and Pete Allen.

Music and editing: Neal Veglio.



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