Optimizing the Post-Purchase Customer Experience With Kiril Kirilov of Rush
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Kiril Kirilov is the CEO and Co-founder of Rush, a shipment tracking software designed for Shopify merchants. It automates the shipment tracking process on all fronts, so you never have to worry about losing customers again. Rush helps ecommerce sellers and agencies increase their average order value (AOV), customer lifetime value (CLTV), and lower support costs by 90%.

Kiril began his career in the ecommerce space in 2008 as an eBay seller before transitioning to Amazon fulfillment in 2014. He has a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering and a Master of Business Administration in business and corporate communications. Kiril was a national track and field champion of the Balkans, having competed in the sport for 11 years.

In this episode…

When it comes to selling in the ecommerce marketplace, it’s no secret that customer satisfaction is essential in driving revenue and business growth. But are you really leveraging the full potential of your ideal market to generate repeat buyers?

With a wealth of experience in the ecommerce space, Kiril Kirilov suggests that ecommerce sellers should take advantage of tracking and confirmation pages to optimize the post-purchase experience. If your company simplifies the post-purchase process by automating shipment tracking and supporting one-click payments, it will boost your customer retention rates and raise the chance of multiple and continued reordering. Not only would it streamline and improve the post-purchase customer experience and customer lifetime value, but it will save your company time and reduce the expense of customer service support personnel. It’s one thing you can do to simplify your life right now.

In this episode of the eCommerce Profits Podcast, Joshua Chin sits down with Kiril Kirilov, Co-founder and CEO of Rush, to discuss leveraging the post-purchase experience for customer lifetime value. Kiril delves into how he manages a global ecommerce business, his three pivotal marketing strategies for ecommerce sellers, and how to enhance the customer repurchase rate.

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