PA the FI Way
Kat, PA-C
Becoming a physician assistant (PA) is difficult. But becoming a PA on the way to financial independence (FI) shouldn’t be. Allow the PA the FI Way podcast to be your guide to becoming a physician assistant on the way to financial independence. Unfortunately, even basic personal finance and budget concepts are rarely taught in high school, college or PA school. Then once PA students become certified physician assistants and begin their professional journey practicing medicine, they typically have a heap of student loans just waiting to be paid back. Let’s not only discuss how to prevent large student loan amounts, but also how to pay them back quickly. Let’s discuss how practicing PAs can learn to save and invest for their futures. PA the FI Way’s mission is to provide both future and current PAs alike strategies to not only become financially literate, but to also reach financial independence along the way. Think of it as personal finance for PAs with a financial independence twist. Financial independence provides the freedom to find balance in work and personal life. FI is about creating the life you want to live, choosing when to retire (IF you want to retire early), choosing when to cut back on working, or choosing when to work on another passion in your life. The decision truly is yours, and I hope you decide to join me on the journey to becoming a PA the FI Way.
PA the FI Way
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