Ruben Ugarte - Data-Driven Marketing: How to Effectively Use Data in Your B2B Marketing Strategy | Episode 206
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If you're working in the marketing industry, there is always constant talk about data. Data provides valuable information for business decisions and has become one of a company's greatest asset. Specially in our world, data is in constant abundance. Despite its value and importance, most companies still fail to make a data-driven marketing strategy.

If I were to ask you right now how much ROI you're getting from all you're digital marketing activities, chances are you don't have a clue. This is one example of data that is either not tracked or simply ignored. You need to track the return you're getting from all your digital marketing activities. And we have the perfect assessment for that.

Data-driven marketing is based on facts rather than biases. It's more accurate and leads to better outcomes. Yes, data can sometimes be risky, specially if it's bad data. It's also complicated to work with without technical help. But you don't have to be driven solely on data.

Companies have a wrong notion that they have to make every single decision with data. It all starts with data, don't move without data, your opinions need to be backed by data, etc. Yes, data is important, but it's also important to understand that data supports you. It's not at the heart of everything. Don't rearrange your company around that data.

Like both sides of a spectrum, companies need to properly balance their insights, gut feelings, or biases and the data they have. If you're serious about generating more revenue for your company, you have to know how to properly and effectively leverage data.

In this episode, Ruben Ugarte shares his expertise on data and marketing and helps you get the most out of it.

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