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Apr 1, 2021
Ep.24 Innovating Away the Idea of ‘Waste’ with Anthony Rossi
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The saying ‘One person’s garbage is another person’s treasure.’ has never been more true than now.

Now, imagine a world without the idea of waste? What if all ‘garbage’ could actually be valuable to someone. 

Really...did you ever think you’d see a time when chewing gum, cigarette butts or dirty diapers might have a second chance at life?

Enter TerraCycle, Loop and all their ingenious partners.

In this episode, Anthony Rossi, EVP, Business Development at TerraCycle, describes the truth about our waste problem and the economic drivers that dictate what and how material is recycled or repurposed. 

Anthony also shares many of the myths and mistakes made by all of us that contribute to and perpetuate the problem as well as the incredibly innovative efforts made by many forward-thinking leaders around the world who are working to give waste new life.

Basically, this episode presents a way to revamp how we view ‘waste’ and what we see as valuable in our ‘garbage’ so that we can reduce (or eliminate) what ends up in landfills. 

The responsibility is on industry, businesses and consumers to help with that process, and Anthony shares many tips on how, working together, we can most certainly see the extinction of waste.

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