EP126 - How to Get Clients for Your Consulting Business
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Let’s build a pipeline of new potential clients coming to your consulting business.  Find out how in this episode of Profitable Joyful Consulting 👇

The most fundamental consulting skill is the ability to get clients. Some leave corporate with a network of good contacts they can call on immediately - and ongoingly - for work. But others struggle to find clients. 

Which best describes you? Are you able to bring new clients into your business? And if so, do you have as many as you want? 

You CAN have a continuous flow of well-qualified clients coming to you. In this episode, I teach you what you need to be doing to have as many clients as you want.

Key areas discussed: 

  • 0:00 The most fundamental consulting skill
  • 0:34 The two camps consultants usually fall into when they first come to me
  • 1:57 The harsh truth about what it means to be a consultant 
  • 3:07 Continuously attracting clients as the lifeblood of a consulting business
  • 3:55 The basics of client attraction 
  • 4:31 Getting clear on what the right things are that actually bring clients to you 
  • 5:55 How to generate leads with visibility strategies 
  • 9:34 Discovering the main kind of visibility that generates leads for you 
  • 11:07 How to convert your leads into actual clients 
  • 12:21 How to know it’s time to raise your prices 
  • 12:32 How to ensure the leads you’re getting are well-qualified 
  • 14:20 Five steps to get you crystal-clear on how to build a continuous pipeline of well-qualified clients in your business 

You’ll leave this episode with ideas and actions you can implement immediately. Watch this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/AZ05sR2NwRQ or listen on your favorite podcast app: https://samanthahartley.com/blog-podcast/

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