Sarah Hutchison, Co-Owner / Chief Empowering Officer (CEO) - We Thrive / Co-Founder - Bliss B4 Laundry
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This episode is incredible absolutely incredible.  Not only does Sarah very honestly share her experiences with mania and psychosis, she does so in a way that we can understand it.  She talks candidly about her journey, challenges our ideas and also gives us a glimpse into the universal wisdom she’s accessed.  Sarah is an entrepreneur, a mom, a creator and a remarkable story-teller.  I think you will enjoy every word of this!

Key Takeaways:

(00:50)            Sarah’s Intro

(03:30)            About storytelling and its importance

(12:23)            Post-partum psychosis, bi-polar, OCD, anxiety

(14 :24)           Sarah’s story about her journey through the above-mentioned mental health issues

(23:33)            What psychosis is like

(24:09)            The paradox of this struggle & an incredible state of consciousness

(27:49)            Sarah’s last psychotic episode and a spiritual emergency

(33:00)            More to life than the physical

(34:18)            Sarah’s dark night of the soul

(37:55)            Spiritual Emergency or Bipolar?

(39:45)            Messages from the Universe

(44:18)            Being stuck and learning from the duality of life

(48:10)            About Bliss B4 Laundry

(54:14)            About We Thrive Wellness Centre

(58:10)            Sarah’s final thoughts

Mentioned in This Episode:

Spiritual Emergency – Dr. Stanislov Grof

More About This Guest:

Sarah is wellness entrepreneur, a creative and also a busy mom.  Her drive, creativity and mark in the world are a testament to her commitment to her personal journey. Sarah was diagnosed with mental illness after the birth of her children and turned to spirituality and writing as a catalyst for her transformation. Sarah’s superpower is creating and cultivating nourishing healing environments.  Spend any time around her and you’ll just KNOW why.  She is integral in We Thrive Wellness Centre in Belleville.  She is also co-founder of Bliss B4 Laundry – a women’s retreat in Ontario that always sells out but, more importantly creates a space for women to show up from themselves and one another.  Quite simply – Sarah’s purpose is to hold space for the personal growth, transformation and healing of others.



Instagram:       @wethrivewellness


Facebook:       We Thrive Wellness

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