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magnetically you
Aug 31, 2021
94. surrendering to the flow of life
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⁠This episode is a magical story of what happens when you surrender to the flow of life.

I started our hike yesterday with a lot of resistance: "It’s hot. There’s too many bugs. I didn’t eat enough food for a 7 mile hike. My body is tired."

I kept going though. I surrendered to what this experience wanted to bring me through.

I brought my awareness into my body, focused on exhaling and let my legs take over.

With every step, more mental chatter melted away.

By time we got to the top, it was gone. I was in total flow. Total relaxation. Total surrender.

The uphill wasn’t actually a battle like my mind thought. It was my portal to the depth of peace and freedom within me.

I had to go within.

And in the space left behind the mental chatter, was complete peace, presence and clarity.

Sometimes the uphill part is the greatest portal to this deep peace and presence.

This episode is all about trusting where the flow is guiding you because it's ALWAYS guiding you to more abundance, peace, ease and joy if you allow it to.


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ The intense journey I've been on the last few months that required me to surrender deeper than I ever have

✧ What it really means to surrender to the flow of life and the magic that unfolds when you do

✧ What happened when I surrendered to the flow of life for an entire day

✧ Why there is never a need to fight/battle life

✧ How to loosen your grip on how things "should" be

✧ How to do your own surrender experiment


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Xoxo, Madison

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