A Wealth of Advice
A Wealth of Advice
May 18, 2021
What Is The Risk From Our Current Monetary Policy?
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In today's episode Nicholas Olesen speaks with Professor Kevin Dowd about the current state of monetary policy and the risks of the increasing the U.S. Debt obligations. 

During this timely conversation Dr. Dowd shares what history has shown works and does not work regarding monetary policy. Having spent his career researching and studying history of central banks and markets, he brings a depth of knowledge to these topics. A few of the questions we covered are:

  • As the world was facing of an extreme shock to the global economy from COVID, we have seen governments around the world increase their debt as well as issue more currency, i.e. print money, in a way we have never seen before. What lessons from the past can we learn and thus expect from the future?
  • How long can governments continue to increase their debt?
  • There has been a recent resurgence in an economic theory called Modern Monetary Theory. Can you give an overview of what MMT is and how it differs from the conventional economics (Keynesian economics) I was taught as I earned my Bachelors of Science in Economics 20 years ago?
  • As it is just a theory, what does MMT get right and what does it get wrong in the real world?

Please send us feedback and any topic or questions you would like us to cover.  Email us at: nolesen@kathmere.com 

To view links from today's show and transcript please visit: https://www.kathmere.com/blog/how-long-can-governments-continue-to-increase-their-debt-podcast


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