Mindset Revisited with Brad Bizjack
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Are you ready for mindset gold? Brad Bizjack, my mindset coach and mentor, is back to chat about mindset but framed around his own story of growth, learning, and finally, success. Listen as he shares his path to where he is today and why he is where he is.

Truly, this is a mindset revisited episode. So often lately, I’ve heard women and clients saying and asking why it’s taking so long to reach the pinnacle of success. My question for you though is what makes you think your path is so long? It took Brad 10 years of trial, error, and tweaking to find his success.

How long have you been working at your current endeavor or goal?

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In this episode:

[01:38] Why Brad and I are chatting again so soon!

[04:05] Internal progress always precedes external progress.

[09:09] Did he ever feel like his frustration was okay?

[11:37] Brad’s definition of success and what it takes to get there.

[16:07] How judgment and guilt affect your ability to find success.

[18:29] What it takes to overcome our issues with guilt.

[22:57] Start celebrating yourself.

[24:06] Suffering is only in the perception of what is happening.

[27:09] We teach what we need to learn.

[33:07] You get rewarded in public what you’ve practiced over years in private.

[36:48] How undervaluing yourself impacts your success.

[39:58] You’re exactly where you need to be.

[44:01] Stop making decisions based on the failures of the past.

[49:35] Connect with Brad.

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