Smart Dust
Smart Dust
Dec 7, 2021
Smart Dust Investigates: Is it possible that we are living in a simulation? Part 1 with Rodney Ascher
Play • 40 min

In the first of a three-part 'Smart Dust Investigates' series, we will take you on an adventure through the possible truths behind one of techs biggest (and possibly craziest) theories - “Is it possible that we live in a simulation”? Elon Musk believes we are living in a sim – he says “There is a billion to one chance we are living in a true base reality.” While popular physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says it is “very likely” that our universe is a simulation.

Tune into part 1 - Introduction to the SIM Theory debate: Interview with Rodney Ascher, Director of Sundance hit doco ’A Glitch in the Matrix’. Be prepared to have your mind stretched.

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