Love Shack Live: Helping Couples Rescue Their Relationships
Staci Bartley
Do you want to please your man or please your woman with the kind of love they’ve only dreamed about? Have you always wanted to feel that toe-tingling love yourself? Remember how you felt when you first fell in love? It’s time to reward yourself with the love of a lifetime while enjoying better sex and a stronger connection with your lover. Love Shack Live is a fun place to explore fresh perspectives on love, eavesdrop on sexy conversations, and uncover relationship mysteries that nobody talks about, but that absolutely influence our love and marriage. If you are struggling in your marriage, just starting out in a new relationship, or are single and looking to do better next time, this is the podcast for you. You’ll learn how to divorce yourself from unhealthy relationships and begin winning at love. You deserve to fall in love again, enjoy great sex, and experience the kind of emotional connection that comes from healthy relationships. The Love Shack Live podcast, hosted by relationship expert Staci Bartley, covers subjects ranging from building a stronger marriage to dealing with heartbreak and loss, plus everything in between. You'll learn ways to increase the frequency and pleasure of sex and stop being uncertain about your relationship. Staci will help you to face your fear of getting clear about what’s really going on within your love life. Staci is an International Relationship Expert and marriage counselor who knows firsthand about bad relationships. She truly understands “failing" at love.”Listen every week to get love advice from a relationship guru. You’ll learn: The art of “Asking for What You Want,” How to develop healthy “emotional weightlifting,” Fun date ideas, better known as “Fun Frolics,” How to break out of “Emotional Prisons,” Knowing when it’s time to stop trying and create a “Loving Release,” How to make your partner feel heard, loved & appreciated during a difficult conversation by using “Fairy Dust,” How to have an effective conversation by building a “Communication Sandwich,” How Permission is Unconditional Love. Staci will teach you how to discover and create what she calls "toe tingling love." The Love Shack Live Podcast will help you build a love affair that’s alive with true emotion, intimacy, and the complete feeling of being newlyweds. It's time to cast off your old relationship expectations that kill love and say hello to creating a love that feels new and exciting. Love that really turns you on again. Confident love creates fulfilling relationships to encourage our best life to come forth. We don't fail at love, we just fail to learn the skills necessary for creating a love for a lifetime.
Love Shack Live: Helping Couples Rescue Their Relationships
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