The Modern West
The Modern West
Dec 2, 2020
The Doctor In The Screen: Ghost Town(ing) Part 6
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Living in a pandemic doesn't have many plus sides to it. But there is one bright side for rural America. Telehealth is finally getting to flex its muscles. But adjusting to technology isn't easy for older patients, and that's one thing small towns have lots of: senior citizens. So, we take a trip to Sheridan, Wyoming to see how well telehealth is working for veteran Ron Loporto.

Keep Your Daydream
Keep Your Daydream
Marc & Tricia Leach
Living 24/7 with your spouse or family, peacefully
Before we hit the road fulltime, one of our biggest concerns was how we were all going to get along in a small space. After all, it wasn't exactly easy in a large home when the kids were in school and we had plenty of time apart. In this podcast, we both come to the table with three ideas that may help you when traveling or getting through quarantine! To participate in the conversation, go to Topics discussed: * The Golden Rule does not apply to relationships * What are you bringing to the table? * Have important conversations about what you need, when you don't need it! * Creating personal space even when space is limited * Have a premeditated plan for how you will respond to avoid reacting * Focus on the bright spots Books Mentioned in this Podcast: As Trish mentioned in this podcast, what are you bringing to the table? Meaning, what are we learning and focusing on to move the conversation forward? Often when we're not focused on growth and instructional information it's easy to succumb to talking about people, gossip and conversations that are not aligned with your dreams and goals. Below is a list of the books mentioned in this podcast: * The Five Love Languages - Book or Audible * The Four Tendencies - Book or Audible * Personality Plus - Book or Audible * Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins - Book or Audible Feedback? Did you like this podcast? What did you learn? What suggestions do you have to help get along with your spouse, partner or family? Leave your comments below!
47 min
Mormon Stories - LDS
Mormon Stories - LDS
Dr. John Dehlin
1386: The Miracle of Forgiveness: Why It Should Be Removed From Desert Book, and How You Can Help
In my opinion, one of the most damaging books ever published by the Mormon Church is Spencer W. Kimball’s “The Miracle of Forgiveness.” Among other things, this book teaches that: * No young Mormon man or woman is worthy to go on a mission if they masturbate. * Masturbation alone leads to masturbation with others, which leads to “homosexuality.” * Being gay or lesbian is “ugly,” “repugnant,” and comparable to a disease. * “Homosexuality” leads to bestiality. * “Homosexuality” can be easily “cured.” * People who have pre-marital sex, and even rape victims, are “blighted” and “scarred.” * It is far better to die than to lose one’s “virtue.” * Death by suicide is a sign of foolishness, faithlessness and/or weakness and/or sin. To be clear, this book is currently sold at Deseret Book, and remains on the book shelves of hundreds of thousands of Mormons across the world. In this short presentation, I offer my brief argument for why I believe that “The Miracle of Forgiveness” should be removed from Deseret Book, and I let listeners and viewers know what they can do to help. I also share my thoughts on what the Mormon Church can do to help “atone” for selling this damaging book for several decades. How You Can Help: * Share this Presentation. * Email Deseret Book: * * * * Call Deseret Book * 1-800-453-4532 (Toll-Free US and Canada) * 1-801-517-3369 (International) * Speak to any influencers you know. * Do what you can to remove this book from the access of people who might be vulnerable (book shelves, etc.). * Please share with me/us what you did, and the reactions. * Remember the date: 1/18/2021. * Monitor for when they take the book down. * I will throw a party when it’s gone (likely this summer post-COVID) P.S. This is a re-recording to make the video less “ranty,” and to remove the discussion of book bans and book burnings, which is not useful. HUGE thanks to everyone who gave feedback on this. I always want to be a constructive voice.
42 min
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