Episode 44: Firehose Of Falsehood
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Afghanistan atrocities, Labor's inability to perform and Trump's handover; what's he up to?

Join Dennis Atkins and Malcolm Farr to find out what's happening in Australian politics.
A Rational Fear
A Rational Fear
Dan Ilic
A new day in America? Tennis player entitlement — Froomes, Tommy Dean, Lewis Hobba, Dan Ilic
🤑 CHIP IN TO OUR PATREON https://www.patreon.com/ARationalFear 📨 SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL LIST: http://www.arationalfear.com/ 100th EPISODE LIVE SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT! 🎟️ COME SEE A RATIONAL FEAR LIVE. Feb 10th, Giant Dwarf, Sydney: https://giantdwarf.com.au/events/a-rational-fear-100/   This episode has a special interview with Brad Blanks from his Washington D.C. hotel, also us expat comedian Tommy Dean, viral star Lucinda 'Froomes' Price, Lewis Hobba and Dan Ilic. We talk Tennis player entitlement, the US presidential Inauguration, and we ask if Donald and Melania are over. BRAD BLANKS at the AVN Awards 2008 — Directed by Dan Ilic: https://vimeo.com/2174819 AND — DON'T FORGET TO GET TICKETS TO OUR LIVE SHOW! We’re turning 100! Which means we’re updating our will, and we’ll add you to it if you come to our 100th episode live show. It’s going to be a 90 minute celebration of the little satirical comedy podcast that could. Featuring some new and old friends of A Rational Fear. Alice Fraser (The Bugle, The Last Post) Sami Shah (ABC Melbourne) Chris Taylor (Chaser) Gabbi Bolt (TikTok) DJ Tom Loud (Hot Dub Time Machine) Lewis Hobba (Tony Martin Look-a-like) Dan Ilic (Romper Room) +  Special (big name) guests we will book at the last minute. WHERE?: Giant Dwarf WHEN?: February 10th, 7:30pm-9pm HOW?: Buy Tickets Here PATREON 💸: It costs a bit of money to make each episode of A Rational Fear — . If you enjoy our podcast, funny emails and important climate change conversations chip in here like a good sovereign citizen. We want to raise enough money we can start to make a video a month. If you believe in the work we’re doing chip in — www.patreon.com/arationalfear Thanks to: Big thanks to The Bertha Foundation, our Patreon Supporters and RODE Mics. Jacob Round. ----------------------------------- Unknown Speaker  0:00   This podcast is supported in part by the birth of foundation. Unknown Speaker  0:04   Okay, Louis, how are you? Lewis Hobba  0:05   I'm very well Daniel, how are you? Dan Ilic  0:07   Happy New Year. Lewis Hobba  0:09   And same to you. How's how's summer? How's life you're looking? I can't believe you're looking 10 because your light is so bright that you actually look like you've got a post apocalyptic tan. Dan Ilic  0:20   Yeah, that's right. Well, I have been in a bunker for the last four years, so I don't know exactly what's happened, but I've emerged like a sakata and I'm ready to get my F on Yeah. We are back. This is Episode 98. Which means Louis Episode 100 is coming up very soon. We've got a live show with Alice Fraser Gabby bolts Sammy Sha. Lewis. You're doing it I believe. I hope Great. Lewis Hobba  0:45   Thank you again, I love to I love to hear what I'm doing on the internet. Dan Ilic  0:49   Also, DJ Tom loud is playing the show aka hot dog Time Machine. Chris Taylor is joining us and I've got a I've got a hint of a special guest. Who will I've been trading emails with Louis to see if they would also do the show. I'll give you give. I'll give you a hint. When I Lewis Hobba  1:05   already know they use emails. Dan Ilic  1:10   He's recently moved to Sydney. Lewis Hobba  1:13   Matt Damon, no, no, Dan Ilic  1:15   there's no Matt Damon. It's not Sacha Baron Cohen. But he does facilitate people putting toys together on television. Lewis Hobba  1:22   Oh, interesting. Interesting. Dan Ilic  1:25   He is your professional competitor. Sometimes. I mean, let's be honest. Sometime again. Lewis Hobba  1:30   I are not competitors. He is so much more successful than me. I would be surprised if he was aware that we are competitive. Dan Ilic  1:37   There we go. So February 10. Giant wolf in Sydney. I'm recording my end of irrational fear on gadigal land in the urination sovereignty was never ceded. We need a treaty. Let's start the show. Unknown Speaker  1:49   A rational fear contains naughty words like bricks can rub Unknown Speaker  1:56   and gum Unknown Speaker  1:57   and section 40 of irrational fear recommended listening by immature audience. Dan Ilic  2:03   Tonight Scott Morrison scolds cricket Australia for acknowledging indigenous genocide by saying isn't changing one word in the anthem enough, and while Steve Bannon was pardoned by Donald Trump, only one of his seven shirts will be loud out of prison. And Kamala Harris becomes the 47th president of America on Oh, sorry, false alarm. I read that wrong. It's still riding. It's the 22nd of January a new day has dawned in America. This is irrational fear. Welcome to irrational fear. I'm your host, former owner operator of the greater wynwood exotic animal Park Dan Ilic. Joining us to hold our hands through the toughest of stories this week is an American expat who refuses to acknowledge that the Trump administration ever happened. You may have heard him on TGI F. It's Tommy Jane, can I tell me Hello to you. As an American How you feeling today? Tommy Dean  3:07   I'm feeling relieved. I'm feeling like we're moving forward to borrow an Australian phrase which we should borrow more of. Like a time for unity is here but i think i think that only because Joe Biden said unity so many times it's on my mind. Dan Ilic  3:25   And she's on a quest to meet the king of spin so far, buying out a billboard and having a hit track with collabs from flume and j flip isn't getting his attention. Who knows it's listening to French fries. Listen to what will be enough to get Shane one's attention. Froomes (Lucinda Price)  3:39   Um, well, I got it last night he started following me. Dan Ilic  3:42   This is this is breaking news here irrational fear. Froomes (Lucinda Price)  3:47   It took me five years, five years of messaging back and forth but now he will be my husband. Dan Ilic  3:54   And finally is a man with legs that just won't quit. It's Unknown Speaker  4:02   I you know, Lewis Hobba  4:03   it's summer. Obviously if you listen to this podcast in six months, it's American Summer. It's always summer somewhere baby. But one thing I wear shorts you know? That's Call me crazy man. Dan Ilic  4:15   If you follow if you follow Louis on Instagram, you got some great solid takes ahead of you. Lewis Hobba  4:20   Thank you so yeah, get him get involved, please. I don't Shane Walters and following me. You know, I will say that every every time I wear shorts, someone asked me if I'm just gone for a run and it's because I have it's because my dumb legs so skinny. All right. Unknown Speaker  4:35   I thought it was Lewis Hobba  4:37   always joking. That's just because armie hammer and I have friends. Dan Ilic  4:45   Coming up later in the podcast, I have a chat with us basis train reporter Brad blanks from his washington dc hotel where he was Oh, so close to the Joe Biden inauguration. You could hear his pacemaker. But first a message from this week's sponsor Unknown Speaker  4:59   as spreaders of misinformation are banned from social media. There's only one man you can turn to for reliable untruths. Craig Kelly there Unknown Speaker  5:08   has been complete abandonment. Unknown Speaker  5:11   The most trusted man in lies is backing up every ill conceived social media post and every awful conspiracy to his own website, Craig anon.com. For just $1 a week, you can get all the posts that Craig Kelly will soon be banned from posting publicly at Craig anon.com where he'll be posting anonymously under the nom de plume Craig Kelly in pay but how will you know it's Craig posts will be on hinge to be spilt and recycled from his Sky News rants. Unknown Speaker  5:42   If you look at the peer reviewed numbers of pestilence and play, the seven seas are gonna sort of boil and rise Unknown Speaker  5:49   because there's only one thing better than free speech. And that speech so free it's untethered to reality sign off to kraken.com becaus…
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