Trade Talks
Trade Talks
Nov 24, 2020
144. Trade policy transitions, with Ambassador Susan Schwab

From tariff leverage to trade deals, a former US Trade Representative explains how the baton is handed from one American administration to the next. In a conversation ranging from hormone-treated beef to Canadian lumber to TPP, former George W. Bush administration official Susan Schwab describes handover implications on trade for the teams, ongoing negotiations, and dispute settlement (24:00).

CSIS | Center for Strategic and International Studies
Controlling Advanced Technology Exports: A Conversation with Roslyn Layton and James Lewis
In this episode, Dr. Roslyn Layton and Dr. James Lewis discuss how to control the proliferation of technologies for military use with a special focus on China. Our guests explain the history of US export policy regarding advanced technology, noting the delicate balance between opportunities for private enterprise and the needs of national security. They describe the Wassenar Agreement and its impact on current US advanced technology exports to China. Dr. Layton argues in favor of US designation of companies as military-end-users in China as one method to prevent US technology from being transferred to China’s military. Dr. Lewis analyzes China’s progress in its semiconductor industry, noting that China is still dependent on Western technology. Our guests also interpret China’s actions in retaliation to international technology export restrictions. Lastly, our guests evaluate how the Trump administration has acted in its approach to China and recommend actions the incoming Biden administration should take.    Dr. Roslyn Layton is a visiting researcher at Aalborg University Center for Communication, Media, and Information Technologies and Senior Vice President at Strand Consult. Dr. Layton focuses on evidence-based policy for the information, communications, and digital technology industries. Dr. James Lewis is a senior vice president and director of the Strategic Technologies Program at CSIS. He has authored numerous publications on the relationship between technology, innovation, and national power.
28 min
The China in Africa Podcast
The China in Africa Podcast
China's Rapidly Evolving Relations in the DR Congo
Foreign Minister Wang Yi's stopover in Kinshasa on his latest Africa tour highlights the growing importance of the DR Congo in Chinese foreign policy. During his visit, Wang announced a modest debt relief package and that the DRC would become the 45th African country to join the Belt and Road Initiative. But those initiatives belie the DR Congo's larger importance to China. The Chinese are now in the midst of a major cobalt buying binge, a critical metal found largely in the DRC. Similarly, Kinshasa has been a reliable supporter of Beijing's controversial positions at the United Nations, including its stance on Xinjiang. Stockholm-based independent researcher Johanna Malm is one of the world's leading scholars on Sino-DRC relations and has been closely watching the rapid evolution of Chinese engagement in the DRC from the mid-2000s to the present. She joins Eric & Cobus to provide some perspective on how China's current moves there are part of a trajectory that began with an enormous mining deal in 2007. JOIN THE DISCUSSION: Facebook: Twitter: @eolander | @stadenesque | @drjmalm SUBSCRIBE TO THE CAP'S DAILY EMAIL NEWSLETTER: Your subscription supports independent journalism. Subscribers get the following: 1. A daily email newsletter of the top China-Africa news. 2. Access to the China-Africa Experts Network 3. Unlimited access to the CAP's exclusive analysis content on
45 min
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