Keep It!
Keep It!
Oct 14, 2020
“Keepin’ It 150” (with Nicole Richie)
1 hr 54 min

Ira, Louis, and Aida celebrate Keep It’s 150th episode with a rundown of 150 things that DIDN’T suck in 2020. Plus, gay men take over the Proud Boys hashtag on social media, Bill Burr’s SNL monologue causes controversy, and guest Nicole Richie joins!

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Ask Ronna
Ask Ronna
Ask Ronna with Ronna (& Bryan)
58 - Ronnukah 2020!
Ronnukah, O Ronnukah, come light the menorah! It's finally here! We've been busy for weeks curating a list of our favorite gifts for the holiday season, and we think you won't be disappointed. If you don't have any gift ideas after this, then we don't know what to tell you, excuse me. Our suggestions run the gamut from the simplest and most inexpensive of presents all the way to our fantasy gifts (it won't be long before Ronna is cruising around the Vineyard in her new Land Rover). Don't forget, this is a "scratch and sniff" episode! Look for some trivia questions about the episode to be posted later. Answer them correctly for a chance to win some VERY exciting gifts. We're very happy to announce that Rare Tea Cellar, a purveyor of some of the finest and rarest teas and ingredients in the world, has partnered with us and is offering specially curated gourmet gift boxes just for our listeners! And, if that's not enough, you can use the offer code BRYAN to get 20% off your first order. They supply some of the finest restaurants in the world. It doesn't get better than this. Now for an exciting coffee-related announcement… The gift boxes and Ronnukah Blend continue to fly off the shelves, but we also have a special holiday thank you for December: all coffee subscriptions this month will receive a FREE Ask Ronna “The Carriage House” coffee scoop & clip! The same one that comes in all of the gift boxes! It acts as both a scoop and a clip to help keep your coffee fresh. It's practical and chic, and, if you subscribe, comes FREE with your order.
2 hr 13 min
Minority Korner
Minority Korner
James Arthur M
MK279: Shame, Make Me A Drink! (History of Indian Boarding Schools, Saved By The Bell Reboot Review, Melissa McCarthy's Apology, Shame, Celebrating Debbie Allen, Who Can Play Queer or Straight Characters?)
It's a Maximum Fun crossover event with Renne Colvert of podcast _Can I Pet Your Dog_! Does this make the show Can I Pet Your Korner? Renee is just the person we need to brighten up our worlds and bring in the light as we kick off this holiday season and put 2020 to rest. Both Renee and James have _finally_ checked out a bit of the Saved By the Bell Reboot- it's better than it needs to be! Melissa McCarthy makes a costly mistake but shows HOW to come correct with an apology. On the heels of Kristen Stewart and Viggo Mortensen's comments about playing queer or straight characters, is it a slippery slope in _not_ allowing straight actors to play queer characters? Does this pigeon hold queer actors in only getting to play queer roles? In the main korners, we continue to bear witness to the atrocious history and acts committed against Indigenous Peoples, as we examine the centuries-long practice of Indian Boarding Schools, and it might be time to rebrand and rethink Thanksgiving. Renee gives us the inspiration we need in celebrating the legacy and continued awesomeness that is Debbie Allen. Guest Co-Host: Renee Colvert _(she/her) is a _self-proclaimed_ “man of the wilderness”, the emergency contact to her dog Tugboat, a podcaster, and James Aurther M’s NUMBER ONE FAN! IG: @reneescolvert @tugboatthefluffypit_ LINKS! Check out the Saved By the Bell Reboot Trailer: Melissa McCarthy Steps in it but shows how to apologize: Is this a slippery slope for actors and casting? * Kristen Stewarts Comments: * Vigo Mortensensens Comments: Debbie Allen & Phylicia Rishad's Must-See Music Video 'More Than A Man': History of Indian Boarding Schools: * The Atlantic: * NPR: * Native Partnerships Org: * Native Healing Org: Debbie Allen- check out Dance Dreams - Hot Chocolate Nutcracker Georgia Runoff: Minority Korner on YouTube: CONTACT US Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: IG: @minoritykorner James Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM
1 hr 26 min
Black Frasier
Black Frasier
Phoebe Robinson
Phoebe & Cleo Wade Are On a Journey of Self-Discovery
Hey Black Frasians - we’re down to the last month of 2020. Hooray!!! So happy that Phoebe got a chance to kick it off with poet-author-activist Cleo Wade. The two discuss how to move forward in our lives, her journey thus far and Cleo convinces Phoebe to get on board with journaling. Plus, there are some great audience questions! Enjoy! Cleo Wade's Details: WEBSITE: BUY HER BOOK: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: Black Owned Business: The Melanin Mug WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK : #CleoWade  #PhoebeRobinson #BlackFrasier #WhereToBegin --- SUBSCRIBE to get the latest Black Frasier Episodes: YouTube: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Google Podcasts: Stitcher: iHeart: Pandora: Deezer: Connect with Phoebe Online at: Visit the Phoebe Robinson WEBSITE: Like Phoebe Robinson FACEBOOK: Follow @PhoebeRobinson on TWITTER: Follow Phoebe Robinson on INSTAGRAM: Follow Black Frasier on INSTAGRAM: -- About Black Frasier: BLACK FRASIER. It is - SURPRISE! - an interview-advice hybrid show hosted by a black person (ahem, me: Pheebs!) who has never seen an episode of FRASIER despite having a white boyfriend. #WeAllContainMultitudes. Moving on. Since I’m known amongst friends to dole out solicited (and unsolicited) life advice, I wanna spend each week - with a celeb guest - helping y’all handle your probs. #OliviaPope #MoreLikeOliviaDope #MomJoke. ANYWAY, the world is a continuous dumpster fire and the goal of this poddie is to make you laugh, think, and feel hopeful for our future.
1 hr 28 min
Maximum Fun
The Michael Jackson—R. Kelly Episode
Disclaimer: This episode contains a frank discussion about the careers of Michael Jackson and Robert Kelly. While we do make mention of allegations of sexual assault and abuse, that is not the crux of this episode. However, if that’s something you’d rather not listen to, we get it. Feel free to skip this episode and revisit your favorite from our catalog here. This week, Jarrett Hill and Tre'vell Anderson finally tackle a topic the #FANTIfam has been requesting for months: How do we engage (and should we engage?) with the music catalogues of Michael Jackson and R. Kelly. Unless you've truly been living under a rock we don't need to catch you up to speed on the careers of either. We are also going to assume you don't need a refresher on any of the allegations that surround the legacies of either artist. Is it okay to listen to the music R. Kelly wrote for other artists while removing his entire discography from the Spotify playlist? Should we refrain from moonwalking at events? Where does one draw the line when people who have been accused of the unforgivable leave behind such a rich musical imprint? But first… Have you heard the good news? FANTI Podcast is one of Apple Podcasts 2020 Favorites! Pass the Popcorn Tre'vell and Jarrett want to know when the time is right to twerk on the brunch furniture? DIS/Honorable Mentions This week, Jarrett has an honorable mention for journalist Shane Bauer's piece in the New Yorker about the Vallejo Police Department. Read it here. Tre'vell would like to give an honorable mention to Shondaland's Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker. You can watch it on Netflix. They also have an honorable mention for the new book Black Futures which you can pick up here. Shout out to Kimberly Drew and Jenna Wortham! Lastly, an honorable mention for The Dionne Warwick who has recently been cutting up on the socials. We love to see it! Go ahead and @ us Email: @FANTIpodcast @Jarrett Hill @rayzon (Tre’Vell) @FANTIpodcast @TreVellAnderson @JarrettHill @Swish (Producer Laura Swisher) FANTI is produced and distributed by Laura Swisher is the senior producer. Jordan Kauwling is the associate producer.
1 hr 3 min
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