[123] Nice church, not nice patriarchy: A conversation with Liz Cooledge Jenkins
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Niceness in church communities can sometimes conceal deeper issues of injustice. It’s important to disrupt the status quo and engage in conversations about patriarchy, inequality, and systems of oppression.

In this episode, you probably want to listen for the ways in niceness, though well-meaning, can be a hindrance to equality and justice. Also listen for the word “complementarianism” and how its practical application can limit everybody.

Liz Cooledge Jenkins is a writer, preacher, and former college campus minister with degrees from Stanford University (BS Symbolic Systems) and Fuller Theological Seminary (MDiv). v). She believes that people, faith communities, and religious traditions are at their best when they’re always forming and re-forming – open to change, learning, growth, and transformation. She wants to live out a feminist, antiracist, inclusive, community-oriented, earth-healing kind of Christian faith.

In this episode:
(00:00) Let’s meet Liz Jenkins
(03:54 Hierarchy, church patriarchy, feminism in media.
(08:41) A first stand against biases
(11:54) Niceness can hide injustice and hinder change.
(17:22) Understanding Paul’s writings in modern context.
(18:41) That time when the Hebrew midwives defy pharaoh to save boys.
(21:51) Hopes to help church and community.
(25:10) Words of wisdom and gratitude for conversation.

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