Sep 24, 2017
Somewhat Out
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It's easy to feel invisible.

— Chirlane McCray, New York City's first lady, spoke to us about the new NYC Unity Project. Her 1979 essay in Essence is called "I Am A Lesbian."

— Rich Bellis is an associate editor at Fast Company, where he covers the intersection of LGBT issues, business, and leadership.

— Join our "Out at Work" project by taking our quick survey.

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The Final Meltdown
Hands up who wants to hurriedly push 2020 out the door like it's some long lost Uncle who gatecrashed your Christmas party, insulted and traumatised your guests, and sneezed all over your food. We're gonna assume most of you raised your hands so fast that you pretty much punched the sky in your haste to confirm that we is all well and truly done with this dumpster fire of a year. As this will be our final episode of Emsolation for the year, Em and Michael have a bunch of stuff they wanna work through before they bid you bye bye. First up, they'll tackle the backlash Lizzo is receiving for promoting a 10 day smoothie detox that she's just completed on Instagram. Em and Michael also wanna talk about how the debut novel from a new feminist author called Florence Given, has been completely derailed, after a one time friend of Florence accused her of ripping off Black women's work for her book 'Women Don't Owe You Pretty'. Then it's time to grab a large popcorn, a choc top and a stupidly large fizzy drink, and settle into your recliner for the greatest story ever told. Em is ready for the tea to be spilled as she runs us through what she's calling 'The Final Meltdown'. This ain't no movie, it's not a musical, a book, or even a song, although it probably could be turned into all of those things, nope 'The Final Meltdown' is what Em is calling what went down when the whole year just came up and hit her in the face during her family beach holiday. Basically, Em just let her family know ALL the things they'd done during the year, that made her feel unappreciated. Em is describing it as The Greatest Tale that she's ever told, she even likens herself to being a Slow Cooker. Finally, we wrap things up on some fun, with a Michael Lucas Madonna quiz, which we're pretty much doing just so we can really illustrate how deep Michael's complete obsession for Madge is. We also wanna thank everyone for coming along on this hilariously hectic and glitter stuffed ride, we promise there's more of that to come in 2021 and we're sending podcast hugs to you and yours. See for privacy information.
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