Jan 14, 2019
Love Song
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Myosha Smith stopped speaking to her brother Joseph Wilson after he handled her coming out poorly. Realizing his mistake, Joe decided to try to win his sister back with a song.

— Daniel A. Gross is a writer, reporter, and radio producer based in Brooklyn.

— Myosha Smith is a social worker and songwriter based in Brooklyn.

— Musical Connections is a program run by Carnegie Hall that teaches inmates at Sing Sing Correctional Facility to create and perform music.

— You can listen to live performances of Gnarly Knees and Bright Dark, a song Joe co-wrote with Myosha, from inside Sing Sing Correctional Facility.

Special thanks to John J. Lennon, a journalist in Sing Sing Correctional Institution who helped Nancy find this story. John wrote about the Carnegie Hall Musical Connections program for Pacific Standard. Also thanks to our friends at WQXR: Christine Herskovits, Aaron Dalton, Eileen Delahunty, and Matt Abramovitz.

Music in this episode by Kyle Sanna. Nancy theme by Alexander Overington.

The Paper Outpost - The Joy of Junk Journals!
The Paper Outpost - The Joy of Junk Journals!
Pam at The Paper Outpost
S3 Ep 6!: A Few More Crafter Questions Answered!! :)
S3 Ep 6!: A Few More Crafter Questions Answered!! :) I am forever grateful to all of you for helping build this fun community full of passion for paper! :) Come on along with me and I will put the tea on! :) Sincerely, Pam at The Paper Outpost :) ! NEW! Vintage Ephemera Digital Kits in my Etsy Store! :) Click here to see all my items with pictures in my Amazon Store!  Sign up for my Newsletter and received a Free Checklist of Junk Journal Supplies Plus The Note From The Book Maker Included plus a monthly free digital printable image!: Come Find Me At: Youtube: The Paper Outpost: Etsy Shop: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Facebook Group: Linkedin: Pinterest: Website: Email: Podcast can be found on: The Paper Outpost: The Joy of Junk Journals! Easily Found on: Anchor: Spotify: Apple Podcast: Google Podcast: #thepaperoutpost #junkjournal #paperoutpost #funcanbesimple #createwithrecklessabandon #efficiency #creativity
21 min
Sexier Than A Squirrel: Dog Training That Gets Real Life Results
Sexier Than A Squirrel: Dog Training That Gets Real Life Results
Barking, lunging and distracted dogs.
*This week we discuss: *Barking, Lunging, and Distracted Dogs and the path to transformation that you have within your reach, right now. * * We want everyone to know that struggles with a dog with reactivity or frustrating (sometimes even embarrassing) behaviour that they are not alone. There is hope.  You may have gone to other trainers that have said there is nothing they can do. You know that your dog has great potential. Perhaps friends and family, loved ones, even strangers, have disempowered you and created this picture that your dog will never overcome their struggles.  We know because of our experiences with our own dogs, as well as the thousands of dogs we’ve worked with, that transformation is achievable.  We can empower you and your Naughty but Nice dog today.  Let go of your uncertainty, of the fear that your dog may never change, that the situation is a dark and helpless place. You can overcome your dog training struggles and we are here to help you ever step of the way.  Check out our new book Real Life Results Dog Training Transformation Commit to taking daily action and transforming your reactive dog today! Jump in! Share! Tell other people. Everybody needs to know that there is hope and that they can overcome their dog training struggles and get started for £7/$10. Empower yourself, empower your dog, and take advantage of learning that is tried and true and has helped thousands of dogs around the world, dogs just like yours.  We’re here to help,  Tom & Lauren
27 min
McCann Dog Training - Train Station Replay
McCann Dog Training - Train Station Replay
Ken Steepe
The Most Important Word That You'll Use In Your Dog Training
In this live stream, we will talk about the importance of consistency and how using one little word in your dog training can be the difference between success and failure. We have high expectations of every one of our students, and we know just how much of an impact this one little word can have (having taught nearly 100,000 students at McCann Dogs). Have you ever wondered why your dog will come back to you when you call sometimes and other times they'll do laps around you or run right by you? Ever wondered why they will remain exactly where you asked them to sit sometimes and other times they'll just go off and do their own thing? We'll let you in on a little secret that will show you how to teach your dog work for you because you're being really clear about your expectations. We record a new livestream every other week on YouTube, so be sure to check out our channel so we can answer your puppy training, or dog training question LIVE! We Have A FULLY SUPPORTED Puppy Essentials Training Program Online! Train With Us To Make Your Puppy Training More Enjoyable And To Give Your Puppy The Best Start Possible: https://www.McCannDogs.Link/PuppyEssentials  Are you looking for a personalized training plan for YOUR dog? We now have a HomeSchool program, that's fully supported with a McCann Dogs trainer for YOU. Check out: Thanks for listening! Happy Training! ~Ken
1 hr 1 min
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