Dec 17, 2018
You Couldn't Say It Was Wrong
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A nun leaves her small town home in Illinois and comes to the West Village of ‘80s New she can learn how to care for patients dying of HIV/AIDS. 

— Michael J. O'Loughlin is a Chicago-based religion journalist and author of The Tweetable Pope: A Spiritual Revolution in 140 Characters.

Bethany Place is a non-profit AIDS Service Organization in the St. Louis Metro East area.

Brian Dolphin contributed original music to this episode. Visit him at to receive his free monthly songs or to join a community sing near you.

Music in this episode by Jeremy Bloom, Brian Dolphin ("Cow Trough Song"), Marco Trovatello ("Haunty Fourstroke"), and UltraCat ("Disco High"). Theme by Alexander Overington.

#Millennial: Pretend Adulting, Real Talk
#Millennial: Pretend Adulting, Real Talk
Andrew Sims, Laura Tee, Pamela Gocobachi
2: Andrew's Bumble Scandal, WandaVision Reactions, WTF Trump News
The second week of 2021 wasn't... as bad? Maybe? The Bumble scandal: Andrew believes his photo was stolen to make an imposter account. (Little does he know...) CELEBRATE: your federal student loans will not go into repayment at the end of the month! What's in Biden's $1.9 trillion covid relief package? We go over the deets, and Laura complains about the Democratic infighting already happening. Not content with the amount of whataboutism that's happened so far this year, Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) compared inflammatory comments by Robert De Niro, Kathy Griffin, and Madonna to the actual armed insurrection perpetuated by Trumpian, white supremacist terrorists. WTF News makes its 2021 debut: the Trump admin lied about having vaccines in reserve, taxpayers have been paying $3,000 a month for Javanka to refuse use of bathroom facilities to their Secret Service detail, women on Bumble have been conservative catfishing to identify and turn in insurrectionists, and members of Congress may have lead "reconnaissance tours" in the days before the attack on the Capitol. Who should become the new, permanent host of Jeopardy? Andrew has opinions. We've got some spoiler-free thoughts on the first two episodes of WandaVision - all is not as it seems! How could Marvel Studios bring Chris Evans back for more Captain America without it seeming like a cash grab? We've got all the entertainment you'll need in this week's recommendations: 'Promising Young Woman' (Andrew), (Pam), and Hunt a Killer (Laura). This week's episode is sponsored by Talkspace (, enter code MILL for $100 off your first month), LoveBook ( for 20% off), and Honey ( to join Honey FREE). Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors! And in this week's installment of After Dark, available on Patreon: We dive into a new study at Pew Research Center, which looks at the current state of online harassment ( . With most U.S. Americans saying social media companies are doing a poor job moderating bullying on their platforms, what changes do we think might help? We share the online harassment we've seen first hand, but also turn the scipt on ourselves: is it possible we've ever bullied someone online? Patrons sound off and share their own stories, proving that social media is, indeed, a dumpster fire.
1 hr 2 min
SciShow Tangents
SciShow Tangents
In the world of podcasting, one organ reigns supreme: the ear. This week, we give thanks to the orifice that allows us to enjoy SciShow Tangents and that also helps us balance for some reason! Also this week, the world premier of Sam's new game! It's a real corker! Also you will be required to visualize an entire cob of corn, so you better start practicing now. Follow us on Twitter @SciShowTangents, where we’ll tweet out topics for upcoming episodes and you can ask the science couch questions! While you're at it, check out the Tangents crew on Twitter: Ceri: @ceriley Sam: @slamschultz Hank: @hankgreen If you want to learn more about any of our main topics, check out these links: [Hear Ye Hear Ye] Toadfish Calls courtesy of the Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Sun Sonification Whistler-waves Jupiter Bowshock [Fact Off] 19th Century hearing devices Pictures here: Cheetah ears & vestibular organ [Ask the Science Couch] Hearing loss
32 min
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