Jun 29, 2020
Nancy Was Here
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Team Nancy takes a final stroll down memory lane.

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Music in this episode by Jeremy S. Bloom, Josh Woodward (Once Tomorrow, Border Blaster), and Albert Behar. Theme by Alexander Overington.

Fated Mates - A Romance Novel Podcast
Fated Mates - A Romance Novel Podcast
Sarah MacLean & Jen Prokop
S03.11: Comfort Reads with Dani Lacey
It’s comfort read week! What makes a comfort read, why do we turn to them, what do we want from them, and why on earth do blue aliens fit the bill?! This week, we all need a comfort read, and we’re joined by Dani Lacey, host of Ice Planet Pod and Black Chick Lit Podcast, to talk about all things comfort reads! We’re putting read alongs on hold for a bit to spend the next few weeks hanging out with some of our favorite people and talking about books and tropes that give us joy, so we hope you’ll join us and keep a pen handy so you can add to your TBR list as needed! Also! please join us for a Fated States phonebanking session with on Saturday — it’s so fun! We love seeing so many of your amazing faces there, hanging out, and lifting each other up through absolute anxiety! Please join us, fellow Fated Maters, and special guests for Fated States Phonebanking Part 5 this Saturday, October 24th at 3pm Eastern to call South Carolina! It’s easy, not scary, and there will be prizes! Thank you, as always, for listening! If you are up for leaving a rating or review for the podcast on your podcasting app, we would be very grateful! Fated States! Join us this Saturday, October 24th at 3pm Eastern to call Iowa and make sure it turns up blue! It’s easy, not scary, and there will be prizes! Sign up at the link, watch the video, and come hang out! Remember: "Despair is not a strategy." Call Your Senators. Tell them you want "the McConnell Rule" enforced, and no confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court until January 22. Donate Donate Donate (if you can). We're thrilled to support "Get Mitch or Die Trying" via ActBlue -- donations to this are immediately split evenly between Senate candidates in elections Text bank Phone bank Write postcards Vote early by mail if you are planning to vote by mail. Be sure to check that your ballot has all the correct information, and is returned accorting to the instructions (this goes double for people in NYC and Pennsylvania). Vote early in person if your state has early voting. Stay fired up! -- Show Notes Welcome Dani Lacey, host of Ice Planet Pod and Black Chick Lit podcast. Black Chick Lit is a podcast Dani hosts with her friend Mollie, and the focus is books by and about Black women. Ice Planet Pod has different guests every week, and Jen has been on and Sarah will be on! Some of the specific Ice Planet Podcast episodes that Dani mentioned: she did one with her friend Mollie from Black Chick Lit, Jen talked about what would happen if Wedding Magazines existed on that world, and the latest release was with author Katrina Jackson. All about Hoopla and the difference between Hoopla vs Libby (Overdrive). If your public library doesn't have Hoopla, it's probably becasue they can't afford it. You, too, can have a banana phone. Don't tell Sophie, but Sarah's definitely getting her one of these. In the Ice Planet books, the khui is the magic thing that “resonates” to tell the two people that they are a destined to be together--it also allows these shipwrecked humans to survive the ice planet, and also to speak the same language. A couple of times, Dani mentioned “Harlow’s book, and the title of that one is Barbarian Mine. Jen's friend Julie was a little worried about Chuck Tingle being sad when he released Chuck Tingle Pounded in The Butt by a Knockoff Book that Glorifies a Deadly Tragedy and Doesn't Prove Love is Real Then Accepting This as a Sad Side Effect of Making Wider Positive Impact as an Author, but the following week it was Mike Pence Pounded in the Butt by His Handsome Werefly, so he’s probably fine. Magic Mike XXL is a pure, beautiful movie about men and their feelings. We highly recommend it. If you’re a fan of the Stage Dive series, there was a new novella that was released yesterday called Love Song. It’s the book about Adam Dillon, a character that the band mentored in later books in the series. How the Reddit forum AITA (Am I the Asshole) reveals the sexism of everyday life. The two audiobook companies are Tantor and Brilliance, but with the huge rise of popularity in audiobooks, lots of audio in now produced in house. When it comes to the Ice Planet audio, Dani loves the two narrators Hollie Jackson and Mason Lloyd. The Ice Home series, a spin-off of the Ice Planet Barbarians Series, has two new narrators Sean Crisdenand Felicity Munroe. But Jen recently listened to a book narrated by Sean Crisden and it was awesome. So we think you should give the Ice Home audio a try, Dani! Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast and also a book. Books and Series We Mentioned: Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon | Barbarian’s Mate by Ruby Dixon | The Boyfriend Project by Farrah Rochon | Grace Goodwin's Interstellar Bride Series | Barbarian Mine by Ruby Dixon | A Heart of Blood and Ashes by Milla Vane | Sweet Ruin by Kresley Cole | Lead by Kylie Scott | Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas | Again the Magic by Lisa Kleypas | Forbidden by Beverly Jenkins | A Chance at Love by Beverly Jenkins | The AI Who Loved Me by Alyssa Cole | Brothers Sinster Series by Courtney Milan | Her Halloween Treat by Tiffany Reisz | Love All Year a holiday anthology |Halloween Boo by Sarah Spade | A Winning Season by Rochelle Alers | Hidden Legacy Series by Ilona Andrews | Jack Reacher Series by Lee Child | Welcome to Night Vale is a book based on the podcast |
1 hr 6 min
History is Gay
History is Gay
Leigh & Gretchen
Episode 0.9: Back in the Saddle Again: Trans Edition
Get ready to slap on your spurs once more, because we're back with more trans vagabonds of the wild west! In our last full episode, Leigh and guest host Ashten promised more tidbits and tales of transgender trailblazers that we weren't able to cover in our time together, so here's a bonus for you! Strap in to hear the (abbreviated) tales of several awesome folks we just couldn't bear to leave out. Thank you to Ashten Hope for the additional research provided to make this bonus episode possible! Outline: 0:00 - Introduction and event announcement 2:37 - Joe Monahan 5:58 - John Runk 7:17 - Ray Leonard 8:58 - Bert Martin 10:35 - Joseph Lobdell 15:21 - Jean Bonnet 19:14 - Closing Want to help us continue to make the show? Support us on Patreon and get awesome goodies, behind-the-scenes access, special minisodes, and more! You can get super cool merch in our store! Shirts, hoodies, totes, and other neat things, as well as pages from our History is Gay digital coloring book! If you’d like to help us transcribe the show for our d/Deaf and hard of hearing fans, please head on over to to join the team of volunteers! Find our full list of sources and bonus content at Get at us on twitter @historyisgaypod, tumblr at historyisgaypodcast, and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts! Don't forget to rate and review so more folks can see the show!
20 min
Buffering the Vampire Slayer | A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Podcast
Buffering the Vampire Slayer | A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Podcast
Jenny Owen Youngs & Kristin Russo
0.32: An Interview with Juliet Landau
Holy moly, scoobies, we sat down to chat with the one and only Juliet Landau — and she is every bit as brilliant and wonderful as you'd guess! We talk vampire sexuality, manicures, narcissism, Dru's accent, what she named the stars (to the result of such terrible confusion), and so so so so much more! Plus, we talk to Juliet about her brand new film, premiering this Thursday (!!!), called A Place Among the Dead, which features Anne Rice, Joss Whedon, Gary Oldman, and so many other incredible voices. In sum... DRUUUUUUSILLLA!! YOUUUUU FILLA! OUR HEARTS WITH DREAD, AND SO WE'RE LED RIGHT BACK TO YOUUUUUU!  +++ MORE ON JULIET LANDAU'S "A PLACE AMONG THE DEAD" "In this revealing and terrifying meld of fact, fiction and the fantastical, actress and filmmaker “Jules,” driven by the demons of her past, embarks on a journey at the potential cost of everything she knows and loves." THURSDAY OCTOBER 29TH: WORLD PREMIERE  Tickets: +++ LOCATE YOUR HOSTS UPON THE INTERNET Jenny Owen Youngs: @jennyowenyoungs; Kristin Russo: @kristinnoeline; Buffering the Vampire Slayer: @bufferingcast on twitter, facebook, and instagram Learn more about our team at +++ Produced by: Kristin Russo and Jenny Owen Youngs Edited by: Kristin Russo +++ JOIN OUR PATREON FAMILY!! Advance Music, Bonus Episodes, Live Concerts, Book Clubs, wheeeee!! NEW 'BURN IT DOWN' TEES, SLEEPAWAY WITCH SWEATSHIRTS, + MORE! Logo: Kristine Thune See for privacy information.
1 hr 18 min
When In Romance
When In Romance
Book Riot
E69: A Real Landmark
Jess and Trisha do some quick updates, talk about a complicated decision from Harlequin, and recommend romances with great friendships. This episode is sponsored by TBR, Book Riot’s subscription service offering reading recommendations personalized to your reading life; Sips by: Experience the joy of personalized tea discovery; and Book Riot Insiders, the digital hangout spot for the Book Riot community. Subscribe to the podcast via RSS, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. To get even more romance recs and news, sign up for our Kissing Books newsletter! News  Brenda Jackson’s books are getting the adaptation they so richly deserve! [Variety] And speaking of adaptations, we have a premiere date for the Shonda Rhimes Bridgerton adaptation! [Deadline] We adore Roan Parish and still have some thoughts about this because more than one thing can be true.  Jess wrote this great piece on friendships in Black and multicultural romance for Book Riot. Send us your recommendation requests for our holiday rec episode! Books Discussed París Puede Esperar by Marisa Sicilia Bane by Brenda Jackson The Duke and I by Julia Quinn Sustained and the whole Legal Briefs series by Emma Chase Meet Cute Club and Kitten by Jack Harbon The Love Study by Kris Ripper Thanks to everyone who sends us emails and input! Feel free to keep ‘em coming. As always, you can find Jess and Trisha at the WIR email address ( You can also find us on Twitter (@jessisreading and @trishahaleybrwn), or Instagram (@jess_is_reading and @trishahaleybrown). See for privacy information.
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