The Phileas Club
The Phileas Club
Dec 11, 2020
The Phileas Club 163 - Goodbye 2020, we won't miss you
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On this episode:

  • The COVID and vaccine situation in Kenya, the US, Italy and France / Finland … and stories from each of these countries.
  • And more!




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Virtual Legality
Virtual Legality
Hoeg Law
Grand Theft Legislature: Can Illinois REALLY Ban Violent Video Games? (VL424)
Hey, look! It's another societal ill! What can we blame it on this time? Oh, I know...the same thing we always blame it on: violent video games. But can Illinois Representative Marcus Evans, or his great state, actually prohibit all sales of video games like Grand Theft Auto, just because the state might define them as "violent"? What do carjackings have to do with this? has this not been answered before now? (HINT: It has.) Maybe "to the best of my ability" isn't a high enough Virtual Legality. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO AT: #VideoGames #Ban #Illinois *** HELP SUPPORT THE CHANNEL PATREON - STREAMLABS - STORE - *** Discussed in this episode: "Ban sale of Grand Theft Auto, other violent video games, state rep says" Chicago Sun-Times - February 22, 2021 HB3531 Proposed Illinois Bill "Constitution of the State of Illinois" "Government Restraint of Content of Expression" Cornell/LII Amendment I US Constitution "Amendment XIV" US Constitution "WINTERS v. PEOPLE OF STATE OF NEW YORK" 333 US 507 (1947) "STANLEY v. GEORGIA" 394 U.S. 557 (1969) "Brown, et al. v. Entertainment Merchants Assn. et al." 564 U.S. 786 (2011) *** "Virtual Legality" is a continuing series discussing the law, video games, software, and everything digital, hosted by Richard Hoeg, of the Hoeg Law Business Law Firm (Hoeg Law). CHECK OUT THE REST OF VIRTUAL LEGALITY HERE: DISCUSSION IS PROVIDED FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY AND IS NOT TO BE CONSTRUED AS LEGAL ADVICE. INDIVIDUALS INTERESTED IN THE LEGAL TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS VIDEO SHOULD CONSULT WITH THEIR OWN COUNSEL. *** Twitch: @hoeglaw Web:
29 min
Accidental Tech Podcast
Accidental Tech Podcast
Marco Arment, Casey Liss, John Siracusa
419: This Week’s Gasp
* Pre-show diversions: * Posting the bootleg * Casey’s [hopefully useLiss] worries * Marco’s ball situation * Sonos Move * Casey’s Compulsory Icebreaker * Requisite link * Follow-up: * Jef e’s doubts about SMART tools * Contacts API updates * Better Trust Through Better Privacy * Autofill Everywhere * Google’s astrophotography mode * Magnets and MagSafe (via Ante Söderholm) * More on Supervised iPhones (via Marc Wickens) * Support document * More on Clubhouse * Upgrade #340: Secret Sauce * Hacking with Swift * Steve Jobs Stories * Burner * Memory safe iBoot implementation * Rust * MacBook Pro models with HDMI and SD card readers? * Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter * XJACK * #askatp * Is it safe to use a High Sierra machine after security updates cease? (via John Hovland) * How do we store our parents’ names in our phone’s contacts? (via Colin Meney) * How do I clean up my Dock? (via Harjas Monga) * Desk accessories * Sudden Termination * Automatic Termination * Post-show: Some more kvetching about app-quitting strategies Sponsored by: * Squarespace: Make your next move. Use code ATP for 10% off your first order. * Buzzsprout: Podcast hosting and a whole lot more. Get 3 months free. * Fastmail: The very best in email. Try Fastmail free for 30 days and get 10% off your first year. Become a member for ad-free episodes and our early-release, unedited “bootleg” feed!
2 hr 15 min
Shardcast: The Brandon Sanderson Podcast
Shardcast: The Brandon Sanderson Podcast
Fabrials and Rhythm of War Part One Epigraphs
Let's talk about fabrials! We sure learned a bunch about them in Rhythm of War, that's for sure. This is the first of two episodes on fabrials. In this one we're going through the Part One epigraphs, which really did have a ton of fabrial stuff. We'll continue this next time, but do note Shardcast will be back to every other week after this one. We have Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry, and who lives by a jet plane known as his laptop's fan), Evgeni (Argent), Joshua (jofwu), Marvin (Paleo), and making a return from a long, long time ago is Rosemary (Kaymyth)! Timestamps: 00:00 Introductions 03:08 Fabrials Pre-RoW 9:51 Part One Epigraphs! 10:40 Ch 1 Epigraph 11:40 Ch 2 13:29 Ch 3 15:20 Ch 4 22:08 Ch 5 28:05 Ch 6 30:06 Ch 7 38:29 Ch 8 46:21 Ch 9 49:05 Ch 10 56:22 Ch 11 (and Ch 10) 1:11:21 Ch 12 1:14:44 Ch 13 1:21:12 Ch 14 1:22:06 Ch 15 1:30:27 Ch 16 and 17 1:35:45 Ch 18 1:40:37 Ch 19 1:43:53 Who's That Cosmere Character 1:50:54 Outro If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to
1 hr 54 min
EXFIL - An Escape From Tarkov Podcast
EXFIL - An Escape From Tarkov Podcast
How to get over Exploration Fear | Risk vs. Reward Raid Planning | Exfil Episode 60 (An Escape From Tarkov Podcast)
Exfil is a weekly Escape From Tarkov Podcast Support for The Exfil is brought to you by MANSCAPED™, who is the best in men’s below-the-waist grooming. MANSCAPED™offers precision-engineered tools for your family jewels. Use code EXFIL to get 20% OFF and Free Shipping at In this episode MTBtrigger and Ronal discuss a concept that seems to be a barrier to progression after getting over gear fear - they define it as Exploration Fear. After spending a few weeks grinding out the 'end game' tasks and working on learning customs, the pair talk about how tackled learning new parts of the map and what was creating problems. MTB points towards only using familiar routes and this led to a sort of comfort on maps like customs where having a safe play meant doing that every time he was on the map. The concept of exploration fear also resonated with Ronal and he speaks to how it prevented him from really learning interchange until he decided to just run to the middle of the mall and figure it out. All this and more in the episode! Catch up with MTBTrigger or Ronal at the EXFIL discord: Patreon is now live and active for those that are looking to directly support the podcast - (Thanks to those of you that nudged us to create this) Podcast Direct Contact & Socials: Twitter - @EXFILpodcast Email - Youtube - XPMedianow Website - MTBtrigger Contact: Twitter - @mtbtrigger Twitch - Ronalgaming Contact: Twitter - @ronalgaming Discord - Ronal#8004
54 min
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