035: Data Is the New Oil… Or Is It?
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“Data is the new oil” has become a popular declaration in headlines circulating around Silicon Valley, but in this episode, we question the veracity of the phrase. The argument for equating data to oil is that data will be the resource that will shape the 21st century in the way that oil shaped the previous century. While data, like oil, needs to be refined in order to be useful, it’s not necessarily true that the more data you have, the more of a competitive advantage you have. Or… is it?


Show notes


Data is the new oil… or is it? (0:57)

Not all data is created equal (3:31)

The All Turtles article about Moorfields Hospital in London’s use of data from eye scans (3:38)

AlphaGo Zero: learning from scratch (DeepMind) (4:11)

The distinction between public data and private data (8:55)

Kaggle has tens of thousands of datasets (9:10)

Who should be able to profit from your data? (13:16)


“Eyeroll, please.” Debunking the common startup advice to “start local.” (19:22)

Avoiding building a product that only serves a bubble.

The problem with thinking of countries as markets.


Listener question (24:45)

From Ari via email: I’d like to hear your podcasting team’s reaction to and solution for the issue of algorithmic learning beyond the control of app developers.

Leave us a voicemail with your question and we’ll play it on a future episode: +1 (310) 571-8448 (29:48)


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