021: The Antisocial Network
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The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal. It’s not a breach, it’s not artificial intelligence. Instead, it’s a logical result of the social network’s business model where users and their data are the product being sold. Also, our in-house patent expert Leonid Kitainik provides advice for entrepreneurs seeking to protect their intellectual property. Listener questions include whether Bitcoin will become the world’s single currency and how voice interfaces may change computing and work.

Show Notes 

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal (1:41)

The Cambridge Analytica files: the story so far (The Guardian) (1:50)

How to delete apps from your Facebook profile (Facebook) (4:45)

Mark Zuckerberg’s statement on “the Cambridge Analytica situation” (Facebook) (9:42)


Conversation with Leonid Kitainik, vice president of intellectual property at All Turtles (17:12)

10 million patents (18:38)

Previous discussion on patents - Episode 14: Pillow Fort Apache, The Bronx (17:24) (skip to 4:24)

Patent requirements (29:20)


Listener questions (42:37)

How do we have to rethink creating work for the Internet when a big chunk of it will be interfaced via voice? What new challenges come up that upend almost 30 years of UX knowledge for a mostly visual and type- and touch-based interaction with machines? How will work change with voice interface? (42:45)

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said in an interview that he believes Bitcoin will become the world’s single currency. Is @Jack on crack? What do you think of this prediction? (46:15)


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