Sex Chat 談性說愛
Sex Chat podcast
歡迎來到 Sex Chat 談性說愛。 我是一個平凡上班族,認為性與愛同等重要,可是同溫層的日常對話裡,「性」的比例偏低,我們總是把「性」這件事情神(秘)化,明明生活中「性」本來就是不可缺少的啊! 可是我懂的不夠多也聊得不夠多,既然如此,就開個廣播節目督促自己學習,還可以光明正大地找同好聊天,聽聽更多關於性與愛的故事。 Welcome to Sex Chat, the podcast dedicated to raising the awareness about sex. For me, sex is as important as love. Yet it seldom becomes a topic in our daily conversation. It seems to be a taboo to discuss sex, I want to change that. However, I know nothing about sex, then, why not start a podcast? So here I am, trying to start a podcast. Every episode I will share my questions toward sex and learn along the way, also, I will interview the most interesting people about their story of sex and love. Come join us and chat with us online.
Sex Chat 談性說愛
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