Cattitude - Episode 61 Total Cat Mojo Live with Special Guest, the Cat Daddy - Jackson Galaxy!
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Jackson Galaxy, star of Animal Planet's "My Cat From Hell" and "Cat vs. Dog," kicks off his live new tour, Total Cat Mojo Live, on November 4th! Host Michelle Fern chats cat with Jackson about his TV shows, books, common cat problems, and his upcoming tour. The TV celebrity and cat behaviorist will bring his love for cat to 15 cities across the country in a rare live event experience where he will share his expertise and "Cat Mojo" - his unique philosophy that teaches cat guardians the skills to help their feline friends build confidence within their environment.

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The Fantastic History Of Food
The Fantastic History Of Food
Nick Charlie Key
20 - Al Capone Once Ran A Soup Kitchen
Al Capone was a model student for most of his childhood, but he didn't take long to go from fresh-faced to scar-faced. The Great Depression had just hit and people were out of work and starving. The man who was known to the law as a gangster was seen by the public as a hero. Every day Al Capone's soup kitchen served 350 loaves of bread and more than 1200 rolls to 2000+ hungry people in the city of Chicago, no questions asked. ------------------- Please support me on Patreon: and get early access to episodes, bonus content and even free merch! Find transcripts and references on the website: ------------------- Huge thanks to for sponsoring this episode. If you love coffee this is the place for you. Shop by origin, roast level, processing method, and even by flavour notes. is a veteran-owned business, run by a great guy called Chris. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him and his vision for the coffee market and I honestly can’t recommend them highly enough. Get FREE SHIPPING on your first order by using the offer code: "FOODHISTORY" at checkout. ------------------- Huge thanks also go to The Podcast Discovery Show for supporting this episode. In just four seasons they have discovered over 200 amazing shows for listeners just like you to listen to.  And, if you’re interested in finding out new things about the world as well they drop bonus episodes called The Other Discovery Show on the same feed. From food to science, history to art, you really can’t go wrong, and remember with the Podcast Discovery Show, there is always more to discover. Find out more here: -------------------
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