Cattitude - Episode 83 Letting the Cat Out of the Bag About Boxes
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Why are cats are so obsessed with sitting in cardboard boxes? There has been some serious scientific muscle behind explaining this strange phenomenon! Also, why do cats chew or eat cardboard and paper products? The answers to these and more purr-plexing cats in boxes-related questions today as Michelle Fern chats cats with Dawn LaFontaine, the creator of Cat in the Box.

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Psychology In Seattle Podcast
Psychology In Seattle Podcast
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Polyamory vs Monogamy and Bipolar vs Borderline
Dr. Kirk answers patron emails. (Intro) The full episode is available to patrons of the podcast. Become a patron: Get merch: Email: The Psychology In Seattle Podcast ® Disclaimer: The content provided is for educational, informational, and entertainment purposes only. Nothing here constitutes personal or professional consultation, therapy, diagnosis, or creates a counselor-client relationship. Topics discussed may generate differing points of view. If you participate (by being a guest, submitting a question, or commenting) you must do so with the knowledge that we cannot control reactions or responses from others, which may not agree with you or feel unfair. Your participation on this site is at your own risk, accepting full responsibility for any liability or harm that may result. Anything you write here may be used for discussion or endorsement of the podcast. Opinions and views expressed by the host and guest hosts are personal views. Although, we take precautions and fact check, they should not be considered facts and the opinions may change. Opinions posted by participants (such as comments) are not those of the hosts. Readers should not rely on any information found here and should perform due diligence before taking any action. For a more extensive description of factors for you to consider, please see
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