Cattitude - Episode 28 Sammy is Caught!
25 min
Sammy was a community cat that lived near our studios. We could not pick her up, but after she felt secure, we could get close and pet her.

We also learned that she was not fixed and ended up fostering 2 litters of kittens. Sammy is very small and was discovered with a kitten that we fixed and adopted (Charlotte). We then fostered and adopted her next litter of three. From that litter we adopted Molly.

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Merry Little Podcast of
Merry Little Podcast of
Merry Podcast
The Magic of Turkeys and Santa
In this episode we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas together with a mix of old and new. Thanksgiving — that All-American holiday of festive foods married with historical debates — get a look through the lens of pandemic past. We explore the Thanksgiving of 1918 and how it was the same and how it was different. This conversation comes as a backdrop to modern-day calls to abolish Thanksgiving by The New York Times and The Atlantic. While we agree some liberties have been taken with the history of Thanksgiving we have to take a real-world look at what Puritans and Native Americans really have to do with the Thanksgiving we really celebrate. But highlighting this episode even more is the fact that Thanksgiving, as always, sets the Christmas stage and helps build the delicious anticipation we all get in Santa Claus. Our merry little Thanksgiving Gobble Contest has yielded some festive results that we shared include the laughter of my 5 year old grandson who grabbed the microphone to tell me a Christmas tale that happened in my home just last Christmas. Mind you, I’ve never heard this story before — and it is, as all Santa stories are — a legendary thing. And that led to the debut of our first edition of our reading of A Visit from St. Nicholas – the Merry Forums sponsored event we call the Twas the Night Before Christmas Read-a-thon. This is an activity we have talked about for years that we have finally made a reality. And it is a little production sure to produce a smile and loads of Christmas spirit. We also share some more new music. A new song from Robyn Scott titled I Saw Santa Last Night brings a party feel to this episode. *_Song Details:_* *Title: * I Saw Santa Last Night *Artist:* Robyn Scott *Writers:* Robyn Scott & Brian Dolph *Length:* 2:54 *BPM:* 100 *ISRC: * CA8ZW1900001 *_Social Media Links_* Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: _*I Saw Santa Last Night – Links*:_ Spotify: iTunes: Apple Music: Amazon: Google Play: YouTube:
32 min
Get Legit Law & Sh!t
Get Legit Law & Sh!t
Emily D. Baker, Esq.
Election Lawsuit Updates & Thanksgiving
Since last week shit has popped off! I really didn’t want to cover the election lawsuits again. But it’s as crazy as Suenami 2020 and even though most of the lawsuits have been dismissed it hasn’t stopped the Trump legal team from leveraging massive allegations, then disavowing one of their own. I don’t even know how to summarize it.  I am frustrated at this point. We should be moving closer to the end of this election, the funds have been released for the presidential transition, lawsuits have been dismissed. But no, we have larger allegations and intrigue within the Trump legal team.  I am ready for some facts...and then some pumpkin pie.  Don't forget to check out the Law Nerd ResourcesState Legislatures are now convening public hearings to address election allegations. I am hoping it will bring some closure or clarity. (  Trump Legal Team disavows Sidney Powell on Twitter ( (Sidney Powell Not Part of Trump’s Legal Team, Says Rudy Giuliani)  Press Conference ...the whole thing - ( (Sidney Powell: 'Biblical' Lawsuit Coming, Accuses Ga. Gov. Kemp of Deal With Dominion)   Connect With Me Join the Text Crew https:// (www.TextEmily.Com) Looking for the YouTube videos? https// ( Want to connect with Emily More? https:// (
41 min
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