Coach your own business
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This podcast is entitled Coach Your Own Business - AKA, ‘why it takes a village and what's wrong with the patriarchal, capitalist model of the lone hero idea of running a business.’

Which I know makes it sound like a college class that you're only taking to get the easy credits, but I promise you it's (hopefully) a lot more useful and entertaining than you might be thinking!

We’re going to be talking about how broken many of the models of being a business owner or entrepreneur are - and what we need instead (hint: it’s far more gentle, kind and transformative than you might be thinking.) 

We're going to be discussing:

  • Cowboys and how the constructed myth of the Marlboro cowboy still influences our toxic modern-day business culture. 
  • Power imbalances 
  • Toxic ‘authority building’, coaches as gurus (and why they’re particularly rife within the online business community) 
  • AND why you don’t need ANY of it. 

Finally, I lay out why we need a different model of business. One that doesn't rely on Patriarchal, overly hyped gurus and or going it on your lonesome way alone.  No. 

I’ll share what I think we all really need in terms of support for a thriving business and how putting your own magic and power at the centre of it makes all the difference to you, your clients, and your bottom line. 

And it's much lovelier too. 

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