DesignerUp Podcast
DesignerUp Podcast
Sep 26, 2020
Ep. #4: The Social Dilemma as Inner Dilemma with Jeremy Navarro of DormOps
34 min
Today we're going to be talking about the Social Dilemma Netflix documentary and discussing our reaction to it and the commentary we've been hearing from others as well as our thoughts on how we can better navigate this social media zeitgeist that we are all living through.


00:00 - Podcast Intro
00:30 - Episode summary
00:51 - Introducing Jeremy Navarro
02:00- Watching The Social Dilemma for the first time and seeing the reactions from others
03:00 - What the Social Dilemma about
03:50 - What shocked us most about the Social Dilemma
06:57 - What I think was missing from the documentary
08:03 - Who is Gen Z and how this affects them
12:00 - How DormOps juggles protecting their generation from being the product while still helping businesses grow
14:40 - How did we get here with tech and what can we do about it
15:40 - Looking at the inner dilemma that's happening
16:00 - Flip from as Tech Tool to Tech as Addiction
16:19 - Gen Z Dilemma - Utopia vs Dystopia
17:26 - Does user centric deisgn cause us more suffering than good?
18:28 - Importance of addressing our inner dilemmas
20:00 - The issue with exposing ourselves to differing opinions
20:13 - The Charles Murray Effect
22:23 - Why it's important to cultivate the right inner tools sot hat we know how to properly use external tools
23:50 - Is Generation Z more aware and woke?
25:15 - The importance of intentionality and understanding when designing for Gen Z and other generations
26:42 - Yoda's warning
29:00 - Picking up where the documentary left off and suggestions for what to do now
32:32 - Takeaways to be able to handle these tech threats
34:42 - Wrap up
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