The New IBS Guidelines
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On this episode, we are joined by Lauren DuBose (PharmD candidate 2021) to discuss the 2020 irritable bowel syndrome guidelines published by the American College of Gastroenterology.   We review the IBS diagnostic criteria and pharmacotherapy involved in the management of symptoms.  Thanks for listening!  If you want to support the podcast, check out our Patreon account. Subscribers will have access to all previous and new pharmacotherapy lectures as well as downloadable Power Point slides for each lecture. You can find our account at the website below:   If you have any questions for Cole or me, reach out to us on any of the following: Text - 415-943-6116 Mike - Cole - Instagram and other social media platforms - @corconsultrx This podcast reviews current evidence-based medicine and pharmacy treatment options. This podcast is intended to be used for educational purposes only and is intended for healthcare professionals and students. This podcast is not for patients and not intended as advice or treatment.
Primary Care Knowledge Boost
Primary Care Knowledge Boost
Primary Care Knowledge Boost
Why Leadership skills in primary care matter
Lisa and Sara are joined by Dr Amar Rughani to discuss his approach to leadership. We talk about the importance of considering our influence, place in the world and how to achieve our goals. We consider our motivations for doing what we are doing in life; the importance of taking that step back to really consider why, how and what we are doing in the world and in general practice. From this we can then consider what we want the future to look like. Future episodes will then focus on how to get there. To get in touch with Amar: ___ * Book: Amar Rughani and Joanna Bircher (2020) The Leadership Hike, Shaping Primary Care Together, First Edition, CRC Press: * Book: Erich Fromm (2003) Man for Himself First Edition Routledge Classics: * Book: Roger Neighbour (2015) The Inner Consultation: How to Develop an Effective and Intuitive Consulting Style, Second Edition, CRC Press: ___ This podcast has been made with the support of Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, GP Excellence and Wigan CCG. Given that it is recorded with Greater Manchester clinicians, the information discussed may not be applicable elsewhere and it is important to consult local guidelines before making any treatment decisions. The information presented is the personal opinion of the healthcare professional interviewed and might not be representative to all clinicians. It is based on their interpretation of current best practice and guidelines when the episode was recorded. Guidelines can change; To the best of our knowledge the information in this episode is up to date as of it’s release but it is the listeners responsibility to review the information and make sure it is still up to date when they listen. Dr Lisa Adams, Dr Sara MacDermott and their interviewees are not liable for any advice, investigations, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or products listeners might pursue as a result of listening to this podcast - it is the clinicians responsibility to appraise the information given and review local and national guidelines before making treatment decisions. Reliance on information provided in this podcast is solely at the listeners risk. The podcast is designed to be used by trained healthcare professionals for education only. We do not recommend these for patients or the general public and they are not to be used as a method of diagnosis, opinion, treatment or medical advice for the general public. Do not delay seeking medical advice based on the information contained in this podcast. If you have questions regarding your health or feel you may have a medical condition then promptly seek the opinion of a trained healthcare professional.
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Run the List
Run the List
W. Redd, E. Gutowski, N. Kumar
Episode 53: Understanding the Latinx Culture in Medicine
In this episode, Dr. Daniel Motta-Calderon (host) talks with Raquel Sofía Sandoval (invited student), a fourth-year MD/MPP student at Harvard, and Dr. Pilar Ortega (discussant), author, researcher, and expert on health communication, multilingualism, and equity. First, they shed light on the differences between race and ethnicity and defined identifiers like “Latinx” and “Latine” that some of our patients use to self-identify. They then focused in explaining some cultural themes and barriers that Latinx patients experience when accessing the healthcare system. The episode closes with some recommendations for listeners on best practices to establish linguistically and culturally competent care when taking care of Latinx patients. En este episodio, el Dr. Daniel Motta-Calderon (presentador) habla con Raquel Sofía Sandoval (estudiante invitada), estudiante de cuarto año de MD / MPP en Harvard, y la Dra. Pilar Ortega (comentarista), autora, investigadora y experta en comunicación en salud, multilingüismo y equidad. Primero, discutieron acerca de las diferencias entre raza y etnia y definieron términos como “Latinx” y “Latine” que algunos de nuestros pacientes usan para identificarse a sí mismos. Luego se enfocaron en explicar algunos temas culturales y barreras que los pacientes Latinx experimentan al acceder al sistema de salud. El episodio cierra con algunas recomendaciones para los oyentes sobre mejores prácticas para establecer una relación cultural y linguísticamente competente al atender a pacientes Latinx.
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Rob Orman, MD
41. Cognitive Reframing
We have a choice in how we perceive and act on any situation. Using that knowledge in an intentional way to shift perspective is at the core of cognitive reframing. Epictetus, the great Stoic philosopher, said it best, "It is our attitude toward events, not events themselves, which we can control." Listen on: * iTunes * Spotify * Stitcher Guest Bio: Jaime Hope, MD is an attending emergency physician at Beaumont hospital in Detroit, Michigan. She is the author of Habit That!: How You Can Health Up in Just 5 Minutes a Day, leads the Better Health Habits online course, and teaches the Behavior Change and Motivational Interviewing Courses to future physicians at Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine. Essentials of Emergency Medicine, the conference I host each year, is happening May 25-27, 2021. Early bird discount ends April 3. For an additional $100 off registration, use the code 'orman' at the bottom of the checkout page. We discuss: * Reframing, a psychological technique which involves thinking about something from a different perspective [04:30]; * How reframing can be used in the ED when you’re engaging with a patient or a patient’s family member who is hostile and upset [07:50]; * Discussing comfort measures with the family of a dying patient [12:12]; * 'Status dramaticus' -- the loud, demonstrative patient who catastrophizes their (often relatively minor) symptoms, triggering irritation for many providers [14:30]; * Reframing when treating patients who suffer from addiction [16:30]; * Ways to reframe yourself and your job to offset burnout [20:00]; * Advice to first year medical students [25:40]; * And more. For complete and detailed show notes, previous episodes, or to sign up for our newsletter: If you like what you hear on Stimulus and use Apple/iTunes as your podcatcher, please consider leaving a review of the show. I read all the reviews and, more importantly, so do potential guests. Thanks in advance! Interested in sponsoring this podcast? Connect with us here Follow Rob: Twitter: Facebook: Youtube:
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