Bloomberg Law
Bloomberg Law
Nov 24, 2020
Why Rock Legend Neil Young Is Suing Trump
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Intellectual property litigator Terence Ross, a partner at Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP, discusses musician Eddy Grant’s lawsuit claiming that the Trump campaign used his 1983 hit “Electric Avenue” in a video attack ad against Joe Biden without permission and Neil Young's lawsuit alleging that the Trump campaign played his songs at rallies without permission. Antitrust expert Sam Weinstein, a professor at Cardozo Law School, discusses the landmark antitrust case against Google. June Grasso hosts. 

Global Translations
Global Translations
Getting Jobs in a Post-Pandemic World
The orthodoxy on what makes for a traditional career path is changing — and for the better. As technological change accelerates and the labor market around the world shifts, nontraditional job training methods like reskilling and upskilling grow in popularity. But how are these new programs for training workers and helping them pivot careers working? Hosts Ryan Heath and Luiza Savage talk with guests who know what it's like to participate in or run one of these programs.  Ryan Heath is the host of "Global Translations". Luiza Savage is a host of "Global Translations". Annie Rees is a producer for POLITICO Audio. Kara Tabor is a producer for POLITICO Audio. Jenny Ament is the senior producer for POLITICO Audio. Irene Noguchi is the executive producer of POLITICO Audio. Alison Dempsey is a project manager at Solar Holler in West Virginia. Joel Duran is an IBM consultant and P-TECH program consultant. Ong Tze-Ch’in is the chief executive of SkillsFuture Singapore. Check out Ryan Heath's article on how America is looking to Singapore's model of rapid training programs: And check out the other POLITICO newsletters: Global Translations: Morning Shift: Morning Tech: Morning Energy:
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The Munk Debates Podcast
The Munk Debates Podcast
Antica Productions and iHeartRadio
Munk Members-Only Pod: Episode 2
This is a sample of the Munk Members-Only Podcast. To access the full length episode consider becoming a Munk Member. Membership is free. Simply log on to to register. Under your membership profile page you will find a link to listen to the full length editions of Munk Members Podcast. The Munk Members Podcast provides a focused, half-hour masterclass on current events with Janice Gross Stein, the founding director of the Munk School of Global Affairs and bestselling author. Rudyard Griffiths, Chair of the Munk Debates, is the podcast moderator. Janice and Rudyard unpack the big issues in the news and drill down into the people, events and trends that are shaping our lives in this extraordinary moment. The full length episode digs into three big stories in the news this week — the impeachment of Donald Trump; is this in the interest of Biden Administration or will it present a possibly fatal distraction for the new administration in its first 100 days — the China-Germany investment agreement; why did Merkel do a trade deal with Xi Jinping? Is the transatlantic relationship dead?— the latest round of lockdowns and what happens next; who is to blame? Governments for their poor handling of the crisis? Citizens for simply not following basic rules? We debate. If you like what the Munk Debates is all about consider becoming a Supporting Member. For as little as $9.99 monthly you receive unlimited access to our 10+ year library of great debates in HD video, a free Munk Debates book, monthly newsletter, ticketing privileges at our live events and a charitable tax receipt (for Canadian residents). To explore Munk Membership options visit This podcast is a project of the Munk Debates, a Canadian charitable organization dedicated to fostering civil and substantive public dialogue. More information at
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