LOCKED ON JAZZ - Nov 29th - Blowout of Nuggets; Quin with a small lineup and Quin's brilliance on offense
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Utah Jazz radio voice and Jazz NBA Insider David Locke delivers to you a daily podcast on the Utah Jazz with the insight you can't get anywhere else.   Subscribe to LOCKED ON JAZZ on iTunes, Android, Spotify or listen on Alexa or Google Home.

The Utah Jazz blew out out the Denver Nuggets in stunning fashion on Tuesday night.  Locke breaks down the offensive prowess and defensive excellence in the Jazz win.  Then Locke reveals some of the inside stories about how incredible the preparation of Quin Snyder and his coaching staff is before every game.  

Finally, Locke tries the impossible of diagraming a play on the podcast.  

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Ask Drone U
Ask Drone U
Drone U
ADU 01141: Will the New Remote ID Rules Apply to Sub-250 Gram Drones Like the DJI Mavic Mini 2?
Today's quesiton is about drone remote id and micro-drones like the DJI Mavic Mini 2. Our caller for today, Adam has a question about Remote ID. If you are a regular ADU listener, you might be aware of this contentious issue that will greatly impact the drone industry as a whole. Now, Adam is wondering if he needs to comply with these restrictive remote-id rules at all if he flies a micro-drone weighing less than 250 grams. DJI recently launched the DJI Mavic Mini 2 which comes with 4K capabilities and Occusync. Additionally, as per industry rumors, their soon-to-be-released FPV drone shall weigh less than 250 grams as well. So, will these new remote id rules be applicable to drone pilots flying these sub-250 gram micro drones? Do Part 107 rules apply to drone pilots who are flying these micro-drones for commercial purposes? Tune in to find out. Thanks for the great questIon, Adam. Fly Safe! Whether you are just getting started or looking to increase your revenue stream, our drone service providers are ready to help you achieve your most ambitious goals. Check out all our classes for 2020 by going here - http://bit.ly/mapclass2020 Recently crashed your drone? Unable to find trained technicians who can repair your drone quickly and at a reasonable rate? Don’t fret. The cool folks at Fortress UAV can help you get your drone back up in the air in as little as 7 days! Use Promo Code “DroneU” to get 25% off. Drone U Members get an extra 5% off on total repair costs. Check them out now! Get Your Biggest and Most Common Drone Certificate Questions Answered by Downloading this FREE Part 107 PDF Make sure to get yourself the all-new Drone U landing pad! Get your questions answered: https://thedroneu.com/. If you enjoy the show, the #1 thing you can do to help us out is to subscribe to it on iTunes. Can we ask you to do that for us real quick? While you're there, leave us a 5-star review, if you're inclined to do so. Thanks! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ask-drone-u/id967352832. Become a Drone U Member. Access to over 30 courses, great resources, and our incredible community.Follow us:Site - https://thedroneu.com/Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/droneuInstagram - https://instagram.com/thedroneu/Twitter - https://twitter.com/thedroneuYouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/droneu Timestamps Today's question is about remote id and micro-drones weighing less than 250 grams Will the new remote id rules be applicable to drones weighing less than 250 grams? Has DJI made a conscious decision to focus on the micro-drone segment? Do you need to comply with Part 107 rules if you are flying a micro-drone for commercial purposes? How drones can help further STEM education in the United Statesnon-compliance Will Remote ID really result in greater airspace safety?
21 min
Comments Over Coffee
Comments Over Coffee
Nick Nimmin
What To Do AFTER Your Live Stream Is Complete
So you went live and now you have a piece of content on your channel. Should you unlist it, delete it, leave it public? Maybe you want to download it and repurpose it. This episode talks about about what to do with your completed streams. Try our sponsor Streamyard at https://streamyard.com - The easiest live streaming platform on Earth! Get everything you need to grow and manage your YouTube channel at https://bestcreatortools.com Official Comments Over Coffee YouTube channel coming soon, subscribe here - https://commentsovercoffee.com/youtube Have a question about what you’re doing on YouTube? Submit your comment at https://commentsovercoffee.com/contact/ and if I haven't answered it before, I'll answer it on the show. If you're enjoying the show, buy me a coffee, you can do it here - http://coffeefornick.com To follow me on other platforms, see projects I'm working on or contact me, go here - https://www.nicknimmin.com/ About the host: I’m Nick Nimmin, I have been on YouTube since September of 2014. I have a YouTube channel where I share the information I have learned from working with clients, studying YouTube and experimenting on my own channel that I have grown to over 706,000 subscribers. My mission is to help content creators, like you, leverage the power of YouTube and online video by sharing the information, tools and resources you need to succeed on a competitive platform so you can put good into the world with your content. If you find value in the podcast, please write a review and share it with a YouTuber friend. Thanks! Support this podcast
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