Another Mother Runner
#229: Drink up this Hydration Podcast!
Sep 30, 2016 · 1 hr
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The dynamic duo of Sarah and Dimity dive into a conversation about hydration with Vishal Patel, the in-house nutritionist at Nuun. Vishal shares how he and his team develop new flavors—and why Nuun won’t be introducing cayenne- or wasabi-flavored electrolyte tablets anytime soon. He talks about why replenishing electrolytes are important for race performance, and he posits an intriguing theory about seasonal changes in hydration needs as well as post-run headaches. Find out how to mitigate what this endurance coach thinks is the top fear among first-time marathoners. Listen as Dimity gets in his grill about the discontinuation of her beloved Kona Cola flavor and find out how she parses out her precious remaining K.C. Nuun tablets. And what AMR hydration talk would be complete without some TMI talk: Vishal serves it up!

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