AMR Trains #16: Adrienne Martini Runs a Naked 5K
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Taking one for the vicarious living team, Adrienne Martini bared her buns—and most everything else—in the Bouncing Buns Clothing Optional 5K.

On this entertaining podcast, she bares, among other things,:

—The impetus behind getting out of her comfort zone;

—Why she opted to wear a sports bra. (Hint: It wasn’t all for support!); and

—Whether or not she’d do it again.

Read Adrienne's race account, which interweaves the story of dropping her oldest at college for the first time.

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Ali on the Run Show
Ali on the Run Show
Ali Feller
297. On the Job with Elyse Garza, Flight Attendant
“You know within your first six months whether it’s a lifestyle that you want to commit to.” When 3:14 marathoner Elyse Garza isn't logging miles on the ground, she's getting them in the air. As a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines, Elyse says she's "living her dream" right now. On this episode, she talks about how she became a flight attendant, explains her ever-changing travel schedule, shares whether she's ever had to use the inflatable slide, and dishes about her biggest passenger pet peeves. (Hint: Stop poking the flight attendants!) Elyse lives in Sacramento, CA, is based out of San Francisco International Airport, and, fun fact, is afraid of heights! Thank you to Tracksmith for sponsoring the On the Job series on the Ali on the Run Show! Go to and use code ONTHERUN15 at checkout for 15% off your first Tracksmith purchase! What we mention on this episode: Julia Harrington on Episode 227 of the Ali on the Run Show Follow Elyse: * Instagram @milestomedals Follow Ali: * Instagram @aliontherun1 * Join the Facebook group * Twitter @aliontherun1 * Support on Patreon * Blog * Strava Listen & Subscribe: * Apple Podcasts * Spotify * SoundCloud * Overcast * Stitcher * Google Play SUPPORT the Ali on the Run Show! If you’re enjoying the show, please subscribe and leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts. Spread the run love. And if you liked this episode, share it with your friends!
54 min
Well-Fed Women
Well-Fed Women
Noelle Tarr
How to Track Your Cycle To Improve Your Health and Balance Your Hormones with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack
Here's the notes for episode #294 of Well-Fed Women. Be sure to check back every Tuesday for a new episode, and head over to Apple Podcasts or Stitcher to subscribe! To leave a review for the podcast (HORRAY!), go to: In this episode, Noelle and another Well-Fed Woman Lisa Hendrickson-Jack discuss how to track your cycle to improve your health and balance your hormones. Got a question you'd like us to answer? Email us at 10% of the funds we receive from our sponsors is donated directly to our partner charity, Thistle Farms, a place where women survivors of abuse, addiction, trafficking and prostitution receive help and support through residential programs, therapy, education, and employment opportunities. Because we get paid per download, you are actively supporting Thistle Farms by downloading our podcast each week. Topics! [03:25] How to Track Your Cycle To Improve Your Health and Balance Your Hormones  Links! Noelle's website: Buy our book Coconuts and Kettlebells Well-Fed Women Holistic Health Facebook Group Lisa's Website Facebook Instagram: @fertilityfriday Podcast: The Fertility Friday Podcast Book: The Fifth Vital Sign Fertility Awareness Mastery Charting Workbook BLUblox The podcast is sponsored by BLUblox. I have become so passionate about light optimization recently, and filtering out computer light and blue light entirely after the sun sets. I wasn’t doing anything about this until about a year ago, and I was experiencing eye strain, migraines, and an unexplained wired and tired feeling, especially at night. Now I wear BLUblox computer filter glasses anytime I’m looking at screens, and BLUblox sleep lenses at night, and I haven’t experienced symptoms since. BLUblox was created because they saw the need for a product that was exactly in line with the peer reviewed academic literature. There are a lot of cheaply made lenses out there that don’t actually block all the blue and green light. Don’t waste your time on that, go to, and use the code WELLFED for 15% off. BioOptimizers This podcast is sponsored by BiOptimizers. Please refer back to episode #258 all about digestion for some more insight on how to resolve common digestive issues. If you feel like you are doing all the right things yet you’re still struggling with digestive issues such as gas, bloating, or cramping—which are actually very common, nothing to be ashamed about—start with a high quality enzyme and try switching to a proteolytic probiotic. If you’ve never tried enzymes before, or have and it didn’t work, I encourage you to give MassZymes a go. It is a full-spectrum enzyme formula with 5 different kinds of protease, which is the enzyme that is the catalyst for the breakout of protein. And undigested proteins can cause a lot of gut dysfunction. And then their Probiotic, P3-OM, is a proteolytic probiotic, which means it digests protein. It’s antiviral, it actually eliminates pathogens and waste… and is maintainable in the human digestive system. Once in your body, the P3-OM super strain doubles every 20 minutes, and helps get rid of the bad guys—before it is safely eliminated.  Give both MassZymes and P3-OM a go. So many individuals suffer from digestive issues—because any protein your body doesn’t break down creates digestive distress, gas, bloating and constipation. The combination of P3-OM and MassZymes ensures that all the protein you consume breaks down into absorbable amino acids. Go to And use coupon code WELLFED10 to get 10% off all products.
1 hr 10 min
The Running for Real Podcast
The Running for Real Podcast
Tina Muir
Worlds Toughest Race: Eco Challenge Fiji: Tashi and Nungshi Malik- Khuhuri Warriors - R4R 213
Tashi and Nungshi Malik are changing the world by inspiring young girls and women all around the world. Having received the highest award for women in India, the Nari Shakti Puraskar, in 2020, they are on a mission to show Indian women and girls that they can do anything they dream of. It was a pure joy to talk to Nungshi and Tashi on the podcast for the latest World's Toughest Race episode. They both have a fun approach to life, and they are not afraid to amke fun of themselves or joke about their family relationship. If you have siblings, you will recognize many of the struggles from this episode! We discuss why young girls in India are told to find a nice, cushy job, to get married and gave kids. But Tashi and Nungshi want to show that there is more to life than that, that they can maximize our time on this earth, and do it together. We talk about the importance of family being supportive, and how fathers in particular can help girls to dream big and see they can do anything boys can. Nungshi and Tashi talk about their experience on the Worlds Toughest Race, not as one of the elite teams trying to win, but just to show that "ordinary" people can complete things like this too. This episode is motivating and courageous, and will make you reconsider the way you see the world. Athletic Greens is a simple and easy way to get 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole food source ingredients. Just to help my immune system be stronger and greater! It is so simple to do and it taste good as well. I used this for my prenatal and I am still using it while breastfeeding. Now you can get up to a YEAR supply of Vitamin D3 and K2 for free with your first purchase of Athletic Greens through my podcast. Visit here to learn more! The black owned business hightlight for this week is True Laundry founded by Ali B Muhammad, Malik Saleem, and Abdur-Rahim Shaheed in 2012 where they believe that Quality Exceeds Value. A company is only as good as the promises it keeps. They promise the quality of our products will always exceed the value. True Products, is a startup manufacturing and Distribution Company that specializes in household cleaning supplies. True Products has over 25 distributors and currently does business in over 18 states throughout the country. True Products has positioned itself as an international, premier provider of household cleaning products, utilizing a unique approach to providing affordable, quality products and excellent customer services for Consumers, retail outlets and government agencies. True products is an American based, Veteran-owned corporation headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Check them out here to help support their mission. Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoyed today's episode. To share your thoughts: Leave a note in the comment section below. Join the Running for Real Facebook Group and share your thoughts on the episode (or future guests you would like to hear from) Share this show on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. To help out the show: Leave an honest review on iTunes. Your ratings and reviews will really help me climb up the iTunes rankings and I promise, I read every single one. Not sure how to leave a review or subscribe, you can find out here. Thank you to Tashi and Nungshi, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the show.
1 hr 15 min
the morning shakeout podcast
the morning shakeout podcast
Mario Fraioli
Episode 132 | Marquis Bowden
Where’s that work ethic come from? “For sure my grandmother, and I think growing up without a mom and a dad. You know, nothing was ever handed [to me], we had to work for everything. Also just seeing that’s what’s needed to survive in this world is the art of working hard. I don’t expect anything—I just want to work hard. I just take pride with having the magic in things, you know. I just want things to always go well. I know things will not always go well but I think my grandmother and growing up definitely with that chip on my shoulder and just having to work hard.” Marquis Bowden is a 31-year-old runner based in Los Angeles and he first came on my radar several weeks ago when I saw him featured in a film from Tracksmith called Race Day is (still) Sacred. I then started hearing him pop up in my podcast feed, which then sent me down the rabbit hole and landed me on articles about him in both Tempo Journal and Runner’s World, and I just knew we had to have a conversation. A former college basketball player who says that running found him a few years ago, Marquis has big goals in the sport. He ran a two-minute personal best of 2:39 last month for his virtual Boston Marathon, and while he has a long way to go on paper to achieve his goal of qualifying for the Olympic Trials, Marquis has the tools, the drive, and the guidance to take him to some pretty incredible places. His humble, hard-working nature, and the pride he has for his family and community, is also admirable and all of that really comes out in this conversation. We talked about his journey in the sport, how his training has evolved, and all that, but we got deeper into his story: about growing up in the inner city of Compton and Carson, California, and being raised by his grandmother because his parents were out of the picture. Marquis told me about reuniting with his dad just a few years ago and how that missing puzzle piece fit back into his life. We also talked his lack of self-belief as a kid and how he grew his confidence, his work ethic and having a chip on his shoulder, patience and playing the long game, as well as the importance of living each day with gratitude and love. We also discussed what it means to be a black male in running today, how we can increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in the sport, and a lot more. Complete show notes: Sign up here to get the morning shakeout email newsletter delivered to your inbox every Tuesday morning: Support the morning shakeout on Patreon:
1 hr 27 min
Decorating Tips and Tricks
Decorating Tips and Tricks
Bespoke FM
Little Farmstead Interview & Book Give Away!
Whether "farm living is the life" for you or not, you will LOVE our interview with Julie Thomas of Little Farmstead. This episode is packed with decorating tips & advice for any style. Listen then enter to win a signed copy of Julie's beautiful book. Click HERE ( enter to win a signed copy of Julie's beautiful book, Little Farmstead Living. Good Luck! Join Julie on Instagram HERE ( , her blog HERE ( and on Face Book HERE ( Order a copy of Little Farmstead Living HERE ( What a wonderful gift! Julie's favorite paint colors are Pointing HERE ( & All White HERE ( Farrow & Ball. Today's Hot Topic is an event you will want to put on your calendar - November 4th will be the Christmas Tree raising at the Biltmore. Click HERE ( for more details. Crushes: Kelly maybe on the fence about wreaths, but this one turned her head. Have a look HERE. ( Anita is enjoying Sharn Santoni's YouTube - watch My French Country Home HERE ( Listen to our episode about decorating a blank wall HERE ( Thank you to everyone who has shown their support for the show & our efforts to produce it each week!! We truly appreciate you. To learn how to keep the tips & tricks coming click HERE. ( xx, Kelly & Anita
59 min
Emily Abbate
134. Tim Brown, Co-Founder of AllBirds
Tim Brown once had a thriving career as a pro soccer player. But the New Zealand native had a curiosity about merino wool and a passion for design that had him walking away from one career in favor of another, founding Allbirds in 2016 with friend Joey Zwillinger. For episode 134, he gives me the lowdown on how it all happened, creating a smarter sneaker that we know today as the wool runner. He talks to me about the brand's original Kickstarter that caught on fire but resulted in the "worst year of his life," and the big lessons he's learned along the way to growing a thriving company. Fun fact: Today, Allbirds — a once-e-comm only brand — has 20+ stores globally, selling much more than a single sneaker. Just last week, they launched their debut clothing collection including T-shirts, crewnecks, and cardigans. SOCIAL @allbirds @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate OFFERS LMNT | Head to to check out my go-to electrolyte beverage today. My favorite flavor? Orange citrus is a MUST-TRY! Athletic Greens | Head to to get a year’s receive the FREE D3/K2 wellness bundle with your first purchase. Beam | Go to and use code "HURDLE" at checkout for 15 percent off. CHECK OUT: HURDLE SESSIONS All past Sessions are now available on the Hurdle website. New sessions will be announced soon! JOIN: THE *Secret* FACEBOOK GROUP HURDLE BOOK CLUB Save the date: December 9, 8 p.m. ET. Book info to come, ASAP! --- Send in a voice message:
1 hr 3 min
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