The Faking Of with Nick DiRamio
Nick DiRamio & Studio71
Director’s cuts, behind the scenes secrets, backstage drama, and in-depth commentary. If you’re anything like Nick DiRamio, this is part of your cinema obsession. You love movies, but you love how they get made even more. Ever wonder what it’s like on set during the making of your favorite (and favorite to hate) movies? Join NYU-trained filmmaker and creator of Clip Breakdown on YouTube, Nick DiRamio, as he and his guests skirt the line between fact and fiction while revealing how movies get made. See the shady side of Hollywood through a combination of first hand accounts, internet rumors, IMDB “facts,” and the inner workings of Nick’s imagination.  We’ll fake our way onto the studio lot by exposing important production moments, taking you from inside the writer’s room to inside the director’s head. Nick and guests will be re-enacting, re-telling, and re-imagining real life scenes of movie magic. Part film school, part improv comedy, prepare to learn as much as you’ll laugh with strange-but-true (and sometimes made up) film facts, hilarious games, and enlightening debates about what makes us love the movies so much. We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can:  For advertising opportunities please email    Privacy Policy:
The Faking Of with Nick DiRamio
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