Bridgerton With Mary & Blake: 1.08 – After The Rain (SEASON 1 FINALE)

Bridgerton podcast hosts Mary & Blake discuss the Bridgerton season 1 finale, episode 1.08 – After The Rain.

We chat the mirrored bookends, the Celtic symbolism for bees, and Low-Rent Hugh Jackman…





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Bridgerton: After The Rain

Gee Thanks, Just Bought It
Gee Thanks, Just Bought It
Forever35/Caroline Moss
Ep 65: Babies and Spin Bikes with The Molyneux Sisters
Writers, producers and sisters Lizzie Molyneux Logelin and Wendy Molyneux are here to talk about juggling Bob’s Burgers, The Great North, and a bunch of other new projects (Deadpool, anyone?) with parenting and pandemic-ing. And Peloton-ing. Or in Lizzie’s case...not. * Follow Gee Thanks! on Insta:! I wanna see you there! * Join the Facebook group!:  * Do you like this podcast? LEAVE A REVIEW! It’s the easiest way to support the podcast and it costs you nothing. You have my forever gratitude. * Any suggestions, comments, questions, concerns? PLEASE! EMAIL! ME! I want to hear from you! Caroline@GeeThanksJustBoughtIt.Com  Mentioned On This Episode! * Peloton Bike: * Society 6: * Savage x Fenty Underwear:  * Knix Underwear: * Honest Co. Skin:  Top 8 Best Selling Products in the Gee Thanks! Community in 2020! 8. The Hot Tub ($529): 7. Digit for saving: 6. Rakuten for cash back while you shop: 5. Universal Standard: 4. LED Lights: 3. Home Comforts: 2. The Revlon One Step: Annnnd: 1. The Garden Witch Overalls (Size up!): Visit for even more recs and shop the Gee Thanks! Store: Subscribe to Hotline Skin, a once monthly newsletter about skincare product recs from Jolie:  As always, reach me at, @geethanksjustboughtitpod on Instagram, or leave me a message at 424-245-0736.    See for privacy and opt-out information.
49 min
What's Your Drama
What's Your Drama
Lainey Gossip
Outdoor/Indoor Clothes & Mixed Messages
Welcome back to What's Your Drama. So you know how Lainey always has a mini tantrum about why she always has to read the questions (she does this again this eps) and I tell her it's just in case I have an audio issue. Well guess what, I had an audio issue this week. It's not horrible but just a heads up that it's not as clear this week. But that doesn't take away from any of the drama that we tackle this week. We kick things off with V who is dating a guy who has some rules about cleanliness. I won't spoil it for you but I'm pretty sure Lainey wrote this question.   Then we move on to M who is getting very mixed messages from a co-worker. One minute it's on and then the next it's not. So is M getting dicked around? Spoiler alert: Yes. Finally we end on an X who is finding single life, especially during this pandemic, very difficult. She wants to get her swerve on but hates all the apps out there. If there are any single people out there who wanna chime in on this one my email is always open. We hope you enjoy the show and keep sending me all your DRAMA! Send your advice questions my way at We also love hearing from you on Twitter at @sasha_tong and @laineygossip and Instagram at @lostandfoundapothecary and @laineygossip. And of course subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, and make sure to leave feedback and comments because it helps others find our show!      See for privacy and opt-out information.
42 min
Buffering the Vampire Slayer | A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Podcast
Buffering the Vampire Slayer | A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Podcast
Jenny Owen Youngs & Kristin Russo
Angel On Top — 3x08 Quickening
It may be February, but allow us to transport you back to November 2001 for some network sweeps shenanigans in the form of a vampire pregnancy. Darla is about to give birth to a baby that may or may not "skitter" out of her, Holtz is armed with knowledge of the moon landing (but very little about Angel's current deal), and the creeps employed by Wolfram & Hart have never been creepier. Join your hosts LaToya Ferguson and Morgan Lutich (AKA the Cordelia and Fred of the Bufferingverse, AKA Bones and Also Bones, AKA the Gunn Squad, AKA Theodore K. Mullins and Frank Scabopolis) as they discuss "Quickening," a story about the literal horrors of birth *and* various baby-dissecting factions. LOCATE YOUR HOSTS ON THE INTERNET LaToya Ferguson: @lafergs Read An Encyclopedia of Women’s Wrestling Morgan Lutich: @lorganmutich Listen to LaToya, Morgan, and their pal Jill discuss The Vampire Diaries on The AMPire Diaries podcast! ANGEL ON TOP Angel On Top: @angelontopcast on twitter and instagram Support Angel On Top on Patreon: Learn more about us and our team at +++ Producers: LaToya Ferguson, Morgan Lutich, and Kristin Russo Editor: Kristin Russo Music + Jingles: Jenny Owen Youngs Logo: Kristine Thune +++ We acknowledge that we and our team are occupying unceded and stolen lands and territories. Kristin occupies the Lenape territories of the Esopus Lenape Peoples. Jenny occupies the Wabanahkik territory of the Abenaki and Pennacook Peoples. Alba occupies Tiohtià:ke of the Kanien’kehá:ka Nation. Mack, LaToya, Morgan, and John Mark occupy the lands of the Kizh Peoples. Learn more about Land Acknowledgments + our continued anti-racist efforts at See for privacy information.
1 hr 22 min
Veronica Mars Investigations
Veronica Mars Investigations
Veronica Mars Investigations
VMI season 3 investigations
A LONG TIME AGO ON VERONICA MARS SEASON 3: Murders! Rapes! Frats! The Dreaded Feminists! Jenny's beautiful wife Mindy! Eggs! Wigs! Bland white boys! Obnoxious white boys! Bland obnoxious white boys! Loganica together! Loganica asunder! Aaaaand... Weevil’s big red toolbox! Join Jenny Owen Youngs, Helen Zaltzman and returning Special Agent LaToya Ferguson, to reopen the cold case files and try to crack some of Veronica Mars season 3's unsolved mysteries, such as: where's Wallace? Why is Lucky-in-a-wig? Is Professor Landry actually hot? Ah screw it, let's all just escape to Jenny's island where she cavorts with her beautiful wife Mindy and Wallace happily flies his little planes the next beach over. Content note: Veronica Mars contains heavy themes, and this episode discusses storylines concerning rape. For more about this episode, and to read the transcript, visit the podcast’s official site Hear more LaToya Ferguson on the podcasts Angel on Top and The AMPire Diaries, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @lafergs. This episode was edited and mixed by Helen Zaltzman; the music is by Martin Austwick and Jenny Owen Youngs. Find the show @VMIpod on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - and mark 27 February in your calendar, we'll be livetweeting the Veronica Mars MOVIE! We start 10pm UK time, 5pm ET, 2pm PT; Sunday morning on 28th Feb, Australian friends. AND next we'll be recapping the season 4 mini-episode that they snuck onto the end of season 3, with Veronica in the FBI - but we want to know YOUR pitches for the season 4 that didn't happen then because the show went into hibernation for seven years. What do you think happened/should have happened to Veronica and team between season 3 and the movie? Let us know in the comments at We also have MERCH - get your pins to show your love for Weevil or non-love for milk at If you’d like to sponsor this show, contact Amanda via This episode is sponsored by Encyclopedia Womannica, bitesized podcasts about groundbreaking women from history. Find the show wherever you get your podcasts. Support the show: See for privacy information.
46 min
Extra Hot Great: This Week In TV
Extra Hot Great: This Week In TV
Tara Ariano, Sarah D. Bunting, David T. Cole
343: Taking Off Our Glasses For Superman & Lois
After illness prevented her from making her earlier booking, LaToya Ferguson has returned to talk about another show she feels passionate about: The CW's Superman & Lois! Is she all in on this latest iteration of the Man of Steel and his family? Listen and find out! Around The Dial takes us through It's A Sin, Cherries Wild, In & Of Itself, the full-throated endorsement of Firefly Lane that circumstances ROBBED LaToya of the chance to deliver earlier this month, and a report on a particularly bonkers episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star. Francoise uses her Extra Credit to ask us to share any TV-related resolutions we've made for 2021 (look, we're close to the Lunar New Year); then it's on to Tara's Canon presentation on Saved By The Bell (2020) S01.E07: "House Party." Finally, we crown the week's Winner and Loser, and close up with a game that requires us to determine, once again: is this anything? Put on your tights and cape -- or take them off; whichever feels right -- and join us! SHOW TOPICS * Superman & Lois * ATD: It's A Sin * ATD: Cherries Wild * ATD: In & Of Itself * ATD: Firefly Lane * ATD: 9-1-1: Lone Star * Extra Credit: TV Resolutions * The Canon: Saved By The Bell (2020) S01.E07: House Party * Winner and Loser of the Week * Game Time: Again, Is This Anything? SHOW NOTES * LaToya Ferguson on Twitter * Explaining the Cherries Wild slot machine disclaimer * Tara's Cherries Wild review at Primetimer * Tara's For All Mankind Season 2 review at * LaToya's Vampire Diaries podcast The AMPire Diaries on Twitter * LaToya's Angel podcast Angel On Top on Twitter * Linda Holmes's review of In & Of Itself at * Exhibit B. Books online * "Monkey Christ" * The Muppeturgy podcast * Photo: The CW DISCUSSION * Tweet at us @ExtraHotPodcast on Twitter * We are @ExtraHotGreat on Instagram SUPPORT EHG ON PATREON The EHG gang have been recording this podcast for almost a decade now. In podcasting terms, that makes us positively Methuselahian. Since the start of EHG, our listeners have asked if we had a tip jar or donation system and we'd look at each other and say surely that is a...   See for privacy and opt-out information.
1 hr 42 min
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